Steve Ballmer thinking of keeping XP?

"Not confirmed but XP to live a little longer? "

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Steve Ballmer thinking of keeping XP?
Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has taken into account the still strong demands for Windows XP.

Although nothing has been said about extending XPs life span a little more, but lots about Microsoft having lots of customers with XP and Vista (Of which we knew). Steve Ballmer seems to be having a good look into XP and how long they should keep it alive, relying on feedback from the public and other sections of Microsoft.
Ballmer also said that he thinks Vista was a "Work in progress" and that Microsoft left it a little too long after XP. Just a cover up for Vista failing to properly take off? More can be found here.
Happy about Steve's interest in XP and the possibility to prolong it's life? Discuss on our Forums.
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Most Recent Comments

29-04-2008, 10:11:44

I think the Tuniq Tower 120 is a good performer, but quite expensive.
Also Scythe ninja/katana etc are good performers and are actually quite affordable now.

I have a freezer7 pro running at 1200rpm on my current system and it's been running overclocked for over one and a half years now without any problems.

29-04-2008, 12:44:38

TRUE Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme

These are supposed to be ace, what I'd be going for. The mounting mechanism seems much better than the pi$$ poor intel push pins, which are a big thumbs down for brand like Scythe which have kept using those awful things!

07-05-2008, 20:28:06


Cool thanks, ill think about them.

I also had my eye on the "Titan amanda TEC cooler" With 2 92 mm fans,
but is very large, and i worry if it would restrict airflow in my Thermaltake Tsunami Dream.

Avoid TEC coolers at all cost. They are just a gimic. The quad core cpu at 3.4 ghz will over load the tec and the cooler on top will be trying to tame them both. Just look at the reviews, they never show highly overclocked/ overvolted cpus in the tests.
The water cooling that you are looking at from swiftech is a good little kit. But little is the key word. The single rad limits its potential, the air coolers such as TRUE are superior. Only the dual 120mm rad version beats air coolers.

One thought would be to add another rad into the loop like they did at Toms Hardware in a high-end system marathon. See pic:


You need to read the custom pc review carefully as they don't word it very well. And they are watercooling bias all the way through. Quote.

'In our standard LGA775 thermal test rig, which comprises an overclocked quad-core Xeon X3210 overvolted to 1.4125V, the H2O 120 Compact cooled the CPU to 6C below the reference Intel HSF with the fan running at 7V, and 10C below when running at 12V. That might not sound much better than the Tuniq Tower 120, which managed to cool the same chip by a further 1C at its minimum fan speed.

However, a PC with the Tuniq Tower 120 requires another fan to exhaust hot air from the case, which makes this kit much more efficient (and quieter). As the radiator never became hot, we'd feel confident about adding a GPU block to the setup at a later date too. It also looks cooler than the Tuniq Tower 120.'

This told me the Tuniq beats the wc by 1c. And the only thing good about thewc is that 'It also looks cooler'.

Hope this helps

09-05-2008, 05:10:29

Yeh that helps, thx :D

but i thing im going to go with the swiftech h20-220 compact,
As form what ive heard it can handle a Q6600 @ 4 ghz,
But if i ever need to add a new rad, then i will.

09-05-2008, 06:14:06


Yeh that helps, thx :D

but i thing im going to go with the swiftech h20-220 compact,
As form what ive heard it can handle a Q6600 @ 4 ghz,
But if i ever need to add a new rad, then i will.

That is a wise decision. Thw swiftech h20-220 compact will handle most cpus at veryhigh voltages. Though 4ghz from a Q6600 is very optimistic, I would aim for 3.6-8ghz. That would be a very fast cpu.

11-05-2008, 17:02:11

can i ask who's the rig is in your 'avatar'?

11-05-2008, 17:24:07

I thought the Swiftech-kits were slaughtered in the tests here at OC3D? Or am I completely off here? Anyway, I've got the Tuniq Tower 120, and I'm quite satisfied with it. Plus there's the fancontroller with it that goes into an empty slot on the back of your case, so you can beef up the cooling when you need it (like I do in benchruns). Right now, running it at full speed, I'm idling at 31 31 29 26. I'll probably get around to appying the TIM over again, as I'm not quite satisfied with the way I did it last time.

02-06-2008, 05:21:19

K thx.
I dont know whos comp it is, but i dont have pictures of mine yet.
Its nice tho...

06-06-2008, 16:10:19

get a cheap watercooling kit

31-07-2008, 09:34:10

lol i know its a late reply, but no cheap water cooling ktis are wothless, ide rather get the arctic cooler frezzer pro, 10 times cheap 100 times better.

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