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"SecuROM DRM rears its ugly head again."

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Spore Lawsuit
Well, the inevitable has happened: a class-action lawsuit has been filed against EA over the SecuROM DRM. The lawsuit, filed by Melissa Thomas, mainly targets the fact that SecuROM installs automatically, without consent, and that EA gives no warning at all that this software will be installed. It goes on to say that this unauthorized standalone program gains superior rights to the user, can effect system functionality, and does not uninstall with the game. The lawsuit argues on the grounds that Thomas and many other users would not have purchased the game had they known about the installation of SecuROM.

Included in the lawsuit document are quotes of numerous reviews on Amazon.com that point to SecuROM interfering with their system and labeling it as a virus or spyware. In the final terms, it states that the plaintiffs are seeking "actual damages, individual restitution, equitable relief, civil penalties, cost and expenses of litigation, including attorneys' fees, and all further relief available" and that this exceeds $5 million.

Now Spore isn't the first game to have used the SecuROM DRM software. The inclusion of the software in top games BioShock and Mass Effect also sparked consumer outcry. However, Spore's targets a much broader audience, and thus it's not terribly surprising that it pissed off at least one person with a strong enough will to take major action.

For those interested, the lawsuit documentation can be found here

How do you think this lawsuit will turn out?

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21-09-2008, 07:51:24

if like me you have 4Gb of ram and running vista 32 bits, you already all know that your system only uses 3Gb... So what can you do with the 1Gb left you may ask?

Well i found out a pretty cool freeware that let you use this extra giga of ram as a ramdisk.

I tested it and it works very well, and it does use the extra giga of ram beyond the 3Gb recognized by vista. So now i got an additional fixed ram drive of 1Gb for IE cache and Photoshop scratch disk.

The software is called Gavotte and i attached a copy here for those interested.

1/ Unzip
2/ click on ram4g.reg and click ok to add to your registry
3/ start ramdisk.exe
4/ click on install ramdisk button
5/ select disk size 1G and assign drive letter
6/ select mdeia type: Fixed media
7/ click apply and ok

you're all set!

You will have a fixed ramdisk of 1Gb in our system. If you want to remove it, just click on remove ramdisk button.

Rem: on step 6, if you select RAM drive for media type instead of fixed media, you won't get the disk mounted automatically on startup as apparently there is some incompatibility with between FAT32 ramdrive and a vista system in NTFS. which mean you would have to restart and reinstall ramdisk everytime. So better use Fixed media.

and you can easily check that the ramdisk is taken beyond the 3Gb available from your system, just look at your memory status in everest for example, just install and uninstall the ramdisk you will see that your memory amount does not change :)

not bad for a freebie and finally you can use your 4Gb completly!

21-09-2008, 07:52:55

Or you could just go and buy a 64bit OS. :rolleyes:

21-09-2008, 11:49:47


Or you could just go and buy a 64bit OS. :rolleyes:

Yay, cash !

Nice tool, install a game on it ?

21-09-2008, 12:13:34

or just install the 64bit version and use the same vista key

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