Playstation Home Beta - pictures and thoughts

"Playstation Home Beta comes out and OC3D has a sneak peek for you inside...."

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Playstation's been rumoured for a long time but now we've finally managed to get a taster at OC3D.
What do we think??
It's actually pretty damn good. The thought of it really didn't bother me but after having an hour or so's play it's really good and it's really worth the wait.
You start off in an apartment - I got a dockside apartment. Obviously there's the classic avatar making to get done, including clothes, hairdo and appearance. Clothes are pretty basic right now but I imagine there will be a huge range to choose from eventually which will be awesome for those wanting their own 'look'.
PSHome character pshome gender
You then move into an introduction to what you can do, including gestures, dancing, text speak and it goes on from there....
pshome studio  pshome view
pshome moves  pshome fancing
The world really is at your fingertips here and it's surprisingly good.
Interaction is well managed with text and audio chateasy to do. People are interacting nicely as I type, dancing to a demo of wipeout HD in the cinema part of home and text chatting.
PSHOME cinema
It has to be said, that the mini-games are pretty cool for a quick diversion and I had a good few games of bowling and pool...
 PSHOME bowling 1  PSHOME 2
The cinema is pretty good too, although I'm sure all the content is in the store, it's a nicer way of accessing it by 'sitting' your avatar in a cinema.
PSHOME cinema
The square is a good place to go and chill your avatar out, perhaps check out a game of draughts, or just have a sit.
PSHOME square  PSHOME square 2
Obviously there's a lot more to home and I'm sure the opportunities are almost endless, but I've only had a short look and thought our OC3D Readers would like a peek!
All in all I'm pretty impressed by Playstation Home. Even if you didn't get a Beta invite, it will be well worth checking it out on
Note: all pictures were taken of the actual Beta running on our PS3, by a digital camera.
Want Home? Don't care? Think it's just a second life clone? Tell us here...
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Most Recent Comments

19-11-2008, 11:40:36

It's PSU requirements are 450w according to some page... but I'm not sure what to think... This one indicates it takes quite little power, no?

Could my 400 watt Antec smartpower 2.0 maybe power it?

I'm replacing my 6600 gt card and have a hard time finding something that is noticeably better but still can be run without buying a new PSU.
I looked at the XLX 9600 gso (XXX version or not) which according to the XLX offical site has 400 watt as a requirement.

But in tests that one takes more power than the hd3850:

So I'm pulling my hair out here, trying to decide whether to buy a card that needs 450 watt officially, but that in real seems to need less, or one that needs more but has 400 watt as a req.
Also, the hd3850 version I'm looking at is a 256 mb MSI OC-factory version, which maybe has higher power demands than a normal one... huh.

19-11-2008, 11:50:51

I would have thought a 6600GT would use more power than a 3850 purely on the basis the components are older ? meh.

19-11-2008, 11:58:28

Take a look at my rig in my sig. thats all running off of a 450w OCZ ModStream, which is OLD and well used, probably only puts out around 400w now. Unless you're running a quadcore or clocking the nads off of a dual core you'll be fine.

The reason they reccomend a 450w psu is because a lot of noobs would run a crappy OEM "400w" PSU, which would actually only put out say 300w with little stability and wonder why their new card wont work. Any quality power supply (like your Antec) should do just fine!

Hope I helped


19-11-2008, 12:11:35

6600 gt:

Power: 18 idle 48 peak

Power 14 idle 63 peak

so it's 15 watt difference. Since I'm buying a OC version it's probably even more. I'm ready to give it a try if you don't think it's a crazy idea.
I run two HDDs, but otherwise just the normal (and an old am64 3200+ CPU)

19-11-2008, 12:50:14

Meh. I'm running a Q9400 oc'd w/4g 3 drives, dvd, and a 8800GT oc'd on a temporary 400w atm.

07-12-2008, 10:57:46

For your information... Bought the card and it seems to be running just fine so far (just tried a couple of games).

Only bad thing is that my processor really is holding me back and getting my low performance. But that was too be expected I guess.

Thanks for the help!

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