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NV PhysX Tweaker 1.0 download NV PhysX Tweaker
Since the Nvidia PhysX 8.06.12 driver had been installed, people have found it impossible to turn off the GPU PhysX or switch it to CPU. NV PhysX Tweaker 1.0 will allow you to enable or diasble the PhysX driver over the GPU or CPU without uninstalling the PhysX driver.

Windows Vista 32-bit, GeForce G80/G92/GT200 and NV PhysX drivers are required.
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Most Recent Comments

02-07-2008, 03:48:13

Tbh, ide give up on the sponsorship thing being new to pc modding, however if you still wish to go for sposorship, mod a cheap case, show how good you are with tools.

As for stuff to buy, ide think about getting a different board, perhaps a p35 if you are tight on cash.

02-07-2008, 16:53:14

does the p35 support sli as eventually (probably very far in the future)
i do intend to have two nvidia cards in sli

i will probably give up on the sponsorship thing for now as it seems i am to much of a n00b

thank you for your advice and i bought a dremel thing today so will be modding my case atm, i will just engrave the side for now see how that goes

thank you for your advice Pat123

02-07-2008, 18:15:21

generally i'd try to avoid going for a sponsorship unless i could eventually pay the people or company back with the thing they're sponsoring me with. i've had some awkward situations with my band involving sponsors

02-07-2008, 18:41:55

lol thanks

what im trying to offer the sponsors is advertisement really and plus it would help me out to no end seeing as im not exactlay in the money


02-07-2008, 19:32:31

P35 chipset does not support SLi, but really at 1280*768, a dual-card solution is pretty pointless, you'd do far better to grab yourself one of ATi's HD4850's or HD4870s which are absolutley great cards for the price, and will wipe the floor with anything below a 9800GTX+ [and above in the case of the 4870] . The absolute best value is probably the 4850 at your resolution.

For a motherboard to put it into, P35 is your best bet [P45 is better for "future-proofing", assuming you planned on getting a bigger monitor one day; though it is more expensive atm, but has the advantage of x8 + x8 crossfire support rather than x16 + x4, which will cripple the second card], although those cards will work in your current board, and right now your graphics card will be the bottleneck in your rig, even if your core2 is low-end.

ASUS make HD48xx cards so if you wanted to get some parts from them, i just browsed their website- not sure if it's the right address to contact them on but you could try that email address listed http://uk.asus.com/aboutasus.aspx?show=3 tell them that you will be posting your build log on several forums, modding the case with ASUS logo's and taking it to your local LAN tournament/computer fair (can't hurt ;) ) I've never applied for sponsorship but i'm assuming it goes something like that? You get the parts and in return they get exposure when you tell everyone how much better their parts are than everyone else's, etc.

02-07-2008, 21:31:56

thank you soo much kerotan i owe you big time

well if the ati cards are that good will try and get them and yes i do plan on having a big monitor for better resolution

thank you sooo much kerotan you did all the homework for me :P


03-07-2008, 12:14:13

im only 16 too, been working since 13 (paper rounds, now have 2 part time jobs and college lol)

save up then buy and tbh good luck with sponsorship, it isnt common for them to give it out

as for sli, why are you planning on it if you are broke for cash, its alot more cost effective to get 1 good card and keep it till the next tech/when it needs replacing.

if you are on a budget, id get air cooling for now, as u can always buy wc later on (like i did)

03-07-2008, 12:20:03

lol everywhere around my area has people delivering papers and what i hope for is not going to happen now but veeeeeeeeery distant in the future when i have a job.... and money


05-07-2008, 16:48:58

I do not know if you Brits have human resource companies? At least the dutch have, here they are called 'uitzendbureaus'. You apply once to the company, they search for a job in their database and will bring you and (hopefully) your new employer. If it goes wrong, you can just try again with another. I had a job within 2 weeks after applying at the human resource company without any, ANY earlier experience. Though I have to say I had quite a freelance Curricilum. Earning €3,26 an hour (not a fortune), I am now planning on buying a €1200 + dual monitor (22 + 19 inch) rig.

And yes, working 20 - 40 hours a week while you're in your graduation year demolishes you :P But you'll survive :P

05-07-2008, 18:53:38

LOL thank you for the advice i think its the jobcentre down here =]


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