Nintendo Shows Off Wii Classic Controller PRO

"Nintendo gives their Wii Classic Controller a design update."

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Nintendo Shows Off Wii Classic Controller PRO

The Nintendo Wii has a bit of an unorthodox primary controller, which makes it a bit difficult to play more traditional games with it.  This is where the Classic controller comes in.  Reminiscent of the early Super Nintendo controller, the design is perhaps a bit dated and less comfortable.  Enter the Classic Controller PRO. 

Bearing the same general main body shape, the PRO seems to be a sort of combination of the original Classic controller and previous Gamecube controller, adding handle grips and a few additional shoulder buttons.  Due to this configuration, some have already noted the resemblance to Sony's Playstation controller design.

The Classic Controller PRO is expected to hit the Japanese market sometime this summer.  While there is currently no word on a North American and European release, chances are it'll come eventually.

Does this updated design suit your tastes?

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Most Recent Comments

24-02-2009, 12:59:01


That psu will be fine :)

Iv'e desided to go with vista 64bit. as i'm told the're be no point getting 6g of ram and 2g of card on a 32bit os
Would vista64bit basic be ok for games and internet ?
would there be any difference compared to the others in games and speed of how it runs etc ?
And could someone make my link into pics pretty please :)
so you can see my spec and what u think ?


24-02-2009, 17:00:11

I wouldn't get Vista basic. I'd try save and get the Vista Ultimate x64. There isn't really a difference but if you're spending this much, why not get the best money can buy?

I've never used Vista basic. Although I had Home Premium and it was nothing but problems. Upgraded to Ultimate and never had a problem like it since that upgrade (currently on Windows 7 Beta)

24-02-2009, 17:36:48

Vista64 is the best bet mate, got it myself and works just fine. People said about program incompatibilities, not had any myself.

25-02-2009, 03:29:31

Youngie, I don't know how you can say you haven't had any incompatabilities...I had one, trying to install a 1980s 16bit game. That was the only one and it will run under dosbox. The only other thing to consider is that with a retail processor you do get a 3 year warrantee so if the price difference is not that considerable, you might want to go retail.

25-02-2009, 05:30:10


Don't spam up post count, we'll just remove them. Put the URL of the pic without the ****** in and I'll edit your post with the IMG tags and complete the URL.

Thought you going to put the pics up for me :)
As i havn't had much feedback on my build, to see if it's good to go lol

Thanks alot

26-02-2009, 04:38:24

Vista64! I want it.. 32bit at the mo.

26-02-2009, 12:35:03


Vista64! I want it.. 32bit at the mo.

Its deffinately the way to go.

27-02-2009, 16:32:20

Vista 64 has never given me issues

Runs just like a 32bit compatability wise really but faster and more secure (apparently)

Although I would say home premium

The only plus for ultimate that i can see is more half open connections (if you torrent...) but this doesnt really help that much

28-02-2009, 16:37:45

why not wait for windows 7 to be released properly??? rather than folking out for vista

10-03-2009, 19:33:44

He'd still have to buy an OS if it is a new build (presuming he isn't into linux), so he may as well get the best currently on offer and get vista64 (if only to make good use of all his memory).


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