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Sony recalls PS3's firmware upgrade
Earlier this week we brought you news of Sony's firmware upgrade for the PS3. The firmware upgrade was said to be the biggest the PS3 has had so far; enabling the players to get points and trophies for certain in-game actions. Well apparently, it has brought a number of consoles to a screaming halt. Ooops!
The new 2.40 firmware patch was set to bring cool in-game access to the XMB (Cross media Bar) and trophy support but it seems all it's delivered for some unlucky PS3 owners is a dead console. There's forum talk that refers to the patch interfering with the PS3's boot-up procedure.
As a consequence the firmware upgrade has been recalled and Sony had this to say:
"As has been reported on many gaming blogs and websites, we have temporarily taken Firmware v2.40 offline. We've received a limited number of calls from consumers experiencing an issue with installing the system software update on their PS3. While our consumer services department has seen a low volume of calls on this topic, we are committed to providing the PS3 community with XMB access features delivered in the v2.40 update. We are working diligently to isolate the problem for those few consumers and to identify a solution before we put the firmware back up."
For those of you who have upgraded your firmware, how have you fared with the 2.40 patch?
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27-01-2009, 14:10:07

I still have this , designed it specifically for watercooling,
if any of the ideas seem Ok then feel free to use them.


Its slightly further on than in last picks but nerver got everything done I wanted.

Its un-used in the garage ATM, :o:(
The good lady wife didn't quite like it:mad::mad: ( in fact she often refered to it as "that big ****ing monstrocity!")

If you want any more pics let me know and I'll dig the old beast out!

28-01-2009, 10:55:01


17-04-2012, 13:36:46

Carl A
Hello All,

I am looking into ATX Cube cases and struggling to find anything that I can afford at the mo. After much reading have decided on building / modding one myself using 2 ATX cases as the bones of the beast. Now, cost is a real bone of contention for me.

I need to fit in an ATX MB, D5 Pump, 1x360 Rad and a large reservoir. I Know that this would fit into a tower ATX but want something different that I have put something personal into. Given that, can anyone recommend or point me to a cheap ATX case that 2 could be used for the bones. I Am looking for as plain a case as possible so that when 2 are joined they look uniform, a mesh design would be nice. I am happy to get to work with a dremel so no windows is fine (actually better).

Hope you can help, thanks

17-04-2012, 15:35:13

Hey Carl!

Ressurrected this thread from the dead. :) Not complaining! I would personally prefer people used the search function of the forums rather than starting a hundred threads about the same thing. ;)

I really like your idea. Have you had a look around eBuyer, Aria, Scan, etc for a bog standard case?

17-04-2012, 17:42:03

Carl A
Hi Nic,

I Have indeed and figure that one with plainest front would work best when the two are sandwiched together....1 case to house the MB and Res with a window which I will cut, the other to hold a 360 Rad, Pump & PSU. The most work that I can forsee would be cutting the front of case 2 so that I can get the rad/fans in there but space won't be a problem :)

I am thinking about 2 of of these, I know they are cheapos but like I said, price is a big consideration for me -


Or this, more costly but I figure better quality cases and finish -

18-04-2012, 08:15:43

Carl A
OK, got impatient LOL !!!!

Ordered 2 of the cases from Aria - 49 Delivered

and the following from Specialtech -

- Akasa Low Profile VGA RAM Heatsink 10 Pack Black : AK-VMC01-BK
- Swiftech MCR320XP Extreme Performance 360mm Triple Radiator : MCR320XP
- 4 1/4" Thread High Flow Barb Fitting for 1/2" (13mm) ID Tubing : Black
- Phobya Balancer 250 Reservoir Black Nickel
- XSPC 7/16" ID - 5/8" OD (11-16mm) High Flex Tubing : Clear
- Mayhems Aurora Fluid for Water Cooling 3 Litres : Nebula Blue
- 129 delivered

Let the fun times begin !!, My dremel had better watch out :)

26-05-2012, 14:40:46

Sooooo anything happening here?

Interested to see what the sandwich case will look like :biggrin:

27-05-2012, 12:28:37

Carl A
Sure, it's still a bit 'work in progress' so bear with me :)

Need to install lighting, coasters, sort cabling, cut a window and finish off the rough bits. Pretty pleased with the temps so far given that it's a slim 360 but there is plenty of space for more rads :yelrotflmao: . Akasa fan controller turned out to be a waste as it suffers from a buzzing (should have read the forum reviews first !!!). Just ordered a zalman zm-mfc1 so that it's a bit quiter, when I have some cash the fans need to be made a little more uniform.

By cabernethy1 at 2012-05-27

By cabernethy1 at 2012-05-27

By cabernethy1 at 2012-05-27

By cabernethy1 at 2012-05-27

27-05-2012, 14:09:12

umm, what?
The front doesn't look anywhere near uniform lol, you should get an aluminium or acrylic plate and make a front panel, would look so much better - and you should remove the front io ports from both cases and relocate, just my 2 cents

28-05-2012, 14:03:32


umm, what?
The front doesn't look anywhere near uniform lol, you should get an aluminium or acrylic plate and make a front panel, would look so much better - and you should remove the front io ports from both cases and relocate, just my 2 cents


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