Microsoft to release Office in a browser?

"Office Web to be Multi-Platform, Multi-Browser"

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Microsoft Office Web Applications Office
At this year's Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC), it was revealed that Redmond would be releasing Microsoft Office Web Applications. Microsoft Office Web Applications will be a  new service that will allow creating, editing, collaborating, and sharing documents using the web. According to a Microsoft run blog, Office Web Applications will work on Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, on multiple platforms including Linux.
It will be interesting to if Microsoft provides a free version of the Office Web Applications considering the availability of Google Docs. Office Web Applications can be expected in the next version of Microsoft Office - Office 14.
For those on 'alternative' platforms, will you support the new Office Web Applications?
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08-11-2008, 23:08:48

I've just been offered an 8800GT [I'm pretty sure it's the 512MB version, but could be 256] for £40 which I would be getting off my mate at uni when he goes home at Xmas.

Is it worth it upgrading from my 7900GS 256 which I run with a nice little OC when gaming of:

(Got the Akasa Vortexx Neo strapped on keeping everything cool, so temps don't go above 50 on load at this time of year)

or should I just wait till I can afford something like a 4850? The 7900 is capable in most Source games, but I have to play with most settings down in TF2, so I'm thinking Left4Dead would crawl with any detail. Would the GT do ok in Mafia II/GTAIV?

09-11-2008, 07:09:34

£40 for a 512 8800GT is pretty good. Dont think I'd bother with 256 considering what u already have. I mean sure u get dx10, but still 256m for gfx.

09-11-2008, 11:58:17

The Sorcerer
Ati 4850 does own 8800gt easily. The purchase come down to this- are you playing dx10 games now? If you want to wait for 4850, how long can you wait? I have upgraded from ati x1650 and waited till vista was actually usable. Then came 8800gt, thought of waiting for a month's time- ati started to pwn nvidia. Hence I bought palit 4870 1gb ddr5 dual sonic- and its excellent.
You can wait till your card has really outlasted its usefulness.

09-11-2008, 17:08:53

@ £40, for me, I feel his 8800GT prawns the 4850 - no ?

09-11-2008, 17:24:55


@ £40, for me, I feel his 8800GT prawns the 4850 - no ?

Agreed 100%.

Even if he found in a few months it didn't have enough power, he could probably sell it at a profit.

09-11-2008, 18:07:47

For 40quid that is a steal right there ;)

11-11-2008, 02:33:45

yeah thats a good price for a 8800 GT.. your gonna see a pretty significant difference in games and now that you'll be able to run Direct X 10 your games are going to look a lot better.. Plus you'll have Physix and CUDA support not to mention Pure Video for HD Video Decoding.. You cant Lose.. i love mine.. I just got a 280GTX but i still have my 8800 GT for folding

07-12-2008, 15:11:54

Just so people know, I did get the card, but unfortunately when I put it in I figured out pretty quickly that it was 256MB.

The good news is that the guy I got it from is a pretty top bloke so he said I could just use it in my system for free until I had enough cash for an upgrade!!! He said it was his mistake as he did think it was 512.

It's a nice upgrade from my 7900, TF2 for example runs much smoother, but I can't help thinking that the GT is a bit crippled by the framebuffer, as even at 1440*900 I can't really use more than 4*AA in most of my games when the action heats up, which is what I had it on before.

Still for free, can't complain I guess :D

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