Microsoft Releases 'Hohm' for Home Power Bills

"Microsoft today launched another attack on Google domination with the introduction of its Microsoft Hohm web application."

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Microsoft Releases ‘Hohm’ for Home Power Bills
Microsoft today launched another attack on Google domination with the introduction of its Microsoft Hohm web application, a direct contender to Google’s PowerMeter. The application, which is currently only available in the US, is designed to help home owners track and reduce their power costs.
Electricity bills, if untracked, can easily burn a hole in most homeowners’ pockets. In the US, power bills can range from $100 for small properties to $300 or more for larger homes and mansions. With power costs varying at different times during the day, homeowners stand to save good deal on bills if they run their power-hungry appliances during lower tariff slots.
Microsoft Hohm promises to help you do just this. While it is a software appliance that sits in your computer system without touching your power meter or appliances, Hohm uses inputs from your power bills and home information to create an energy usage map for your home. With the map in hand, homeowners would be better equipped to track and control their power usage.
The current release is still only a free-to-download beta version and the project very much in its infancy. But with Google already entering into partnerships with power meter manufacturers for the development of smart meters linked to its PowerMeter appliance, it should not be long before Microsoft too moves into the next phase of Hohm.
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01-07-2009, 04:48:39

Hi all

I have taken apart the little ibook and replaced the broken optical drive and upgraded the HDD.

I have a couple of OS X disk courtesy of Rastalovich.

I popped a 10.4 disk in and but i get nowhere. I get a grey screen with a folder that flashes.

Now I am fine with PC etc but this is the first Mac i have played with ever so its a tad of a learning curve.

I have read a couple of things:

I may need to format the HDD

I need to create a less than 8 gb partition

I need to use some key combos upon boot to get anywhere

So can anyone give me a guide to getting an os on?

I have an external optical drive ready incase the new ibook one i popped in is not recognised etc.

All help is appreciated guys

01-07-2009, 06:20:20

If the discs are coming up with a screen that looks like a frozen backdrop with text running over it - the restore discs u have won't run on the ibook. Pretty much forget them tbh.

In terms of formating, once u have an install disc, it'll boot to a kinda Mac OS lite desktop which has a bunch of utilities in the menu bar at the top. One being DiskUtility, which will do all the required formatting for u. U'll need to use Apple-Partitioning rather thatn GUID or MBR cos of the PPC chipset. (once ur in DiskUtility it's simple to follow)

Ur problem seems to be exactly that tho, u either need the correct restore disk for ur ibook or a retail copy of Tiger (I don't think the ppc cpu in a g3 is up to Leopard, only some G4s can iirc)

As for startup keys, here's a link to one of the lists, couldn't find the one I used to look at in support. Terminoligy is very similar to windows.

Wonder if an Apple store would supply u with a set of restore disks for ur model?

U could ofc google Linux ppc Gentoo? (I think) just to install it to see if it works ok.

01-07-2009, 08:28:30

I think you need to hold down the 'alt' (or maybe cmd) key while starting. It should then give you a boot menu.

01-07-2009, 08:48:29

Cheers i'll try some things out when i get in.

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