Microsoft lifts download limit on Windows 7 Beta

"Microsoft take unexpected decision to allow unlimited downloads of Windows 7 Beta for two weeks."

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Windows 7 Beta is proving to be popular Windows 7 logo

With 2.5 million copies initially available to download, the Windows 7 Beta was officially launched last week. Problems were soon encountered though, as demand for the Beta ended up putting so much strain on Microsoft's download servers that they crashed.

Microsoft responded to this by completely lifting the limits on how many copies are available for a period of two weeks. Once the two weeks have expired, the limits will be put back in place. This effectively means that anyone can download the Beta and obtain more than one product key during this time. Microsoft Windows communications manager Brandon LeBlanc said in the official Windows 7 blog on Saturday, 10th Jan:

 "Due to an enormous surge in demand, the download experience was not ideal so we listened and took the necessary steps to ensure a good experience. During that time you will have access to the beta even if the download number exceeds 2.5 million. We have clearly heard that many of you want to check out the Windows 7 Beta and, as a result, we have decided to remove the initial 2.5 million limit on the public beta for the next two weeks"

Have you downloaded and installed Windows 7 Beta yet?  Are you interested in trying it out? Discuss in our forums here.

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Most Recent Comments

22-01-2009, 18:44:06

Well I was eyeing this one up yesterday in truth:

I was just gonna say to ya that from what I've seen, it overclocks something chronic. The LN2 overclocks are with the core over 1GHz!!

What with there not likely to be anything major happening for at least 3 months, I might actually buy a waterblock for it and see how far it'll go on water.

22-01-2009, 19:06:25


Not sur on warranty it doesn't say guess its one year to be honest I seldom keep them for a year, but brought xfx as I had to RMA before and they was very fast and simple.

I was trying not to join the offtopic chat but this broke me open: You rarely keep them for half a month, let alone a year :p

24-01-2009, 05:18:04

The card is now back for sale for £340 OVNO!!!!

Right think I might open a gfx card shop LOL...

I have now been appointed by my very good a favour I might add :) that the card is now back for sale he is offering this card for £340 inc delivery he now has his heart set on a gtx 295 and he ain't havin mine... monkey7 :D having tried both cards personaly (see sig) the difference is next to nothing to be honest but there ya go he is considering change subject to the sale of this card.

The card is of course as new if you want any more pictures please PM or put up a post.

Gordon if your intrested heres your chance there pretty much non exsistant in the country RRP is £400....if you can find one and I cannot only in US wich with the current xcahnge rate it gets a little sour!

Drop me a PM if you have a high enough post count or post and e-mail address if your intrested.

PayPal Preffered Payment

24-01-2009, 07:07:00

I'm interested, but my post count isn't high enough yet for PM-ing. :-(
Can you PM me? Possibly with the email address in the subject line or something? I'm hoping the mail notification thingy will tell me about it even if I can't access it so I can get back to you...
Alternatively, I've added my MSN handle to my profile, so if you can see that you can email me on that address or ping me on MSN. The address is (removed as contact has been made!), please drop me an email.
Sorry about the complication my being new here causes, and thanks.

24-01-2009, 10:04:08

Not a problem mate e-mail sent to you...we were all new here once too:)

24-01-2009, 10:21:07

Thanks. :)

24-01-2009, 11:56:19

Sorry mate, I'm currently near **** broke because of the laptop I'm going to buy :(

I'd remove the email address from your post btw gordan, or at least replace the @ with [at] or something. Prevents you from being spammed by crawlers.

24-01-2009, 12:21:28

I just removed it, thanks. :)

24-01-2009, 12:27:56

Yes all including, see your e-mail

24-01-2009, 13:12:06

Thanks Gordon Payment received tracking number will be with you monday evening.

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