Is Vista Cracked?

"Is Vista Cracked?"

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Microsoft’s PatchGuard technology, scheduled for inclusion in the 64-bit version of Windows Vista, has caused a furor from certain antivirus vendors, who charged that Microsoft was gaining an “unfair advantage” by not allowing them unfettered access to the kernel.

Now, security firm Authentium is claiming that they have cracked PatchGuard, and will use the technique to disable the protection, install the kernel patches that come with their own software, and then restore PatchGuard once the installation is complete. Authentium's claims have not yet been independently confirmed at this time.

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29-10-2006, 15:09:37

WC Annihilus
A bit off topic, but Pyr0, you should use OC3D for your uploads, to me seems much faster than imageshack. Just use your forum log-on to get in :)

29-10-2006, 16:20:21

Conroe build will commence on Tuesday. Ordered the Asus 590Sli premium in the end...I know you'll groan at me but that's what is a good review on Arnandtech....not much in it perf. compared wirth the 965/975s....

Just need you helpful peeps to sort my HDD selection out!!
HAPPY DAYS[/quote]
ouch :(
sorry to say this, but although there may not be a lot of difference performance wise, those chipsets are very FSB limited when it comes to overclocking

Just use your forum log-on to get in :)

Nice 1 WC Annihilus :) I hadn't seen that before

29-10-2006, 17:27:02

what impact will that have on my OC?

Saw a review on an E6600 ...on the old NF4 deluxe board...was running at 3.3ghz.

Surely that is high enough...

03-11-2006, 18:17:31

My definition of 'high enough' is, "Now you see me... now you don't... and you never will again." <--Too fast! Gotta jump back, gonna kiss myself... (smooch!) HEYYYYYYY!!:D

03-11-2006, 18:58:59




03-11-2006, 19:01:27

You scare me :eek:

04-11-2006, 07:32:04

[QUOTE=Mullet]what impact will that have on my OC?

Saw a review on an E6600 ...on the old NF4 deluxe board...was running at 3.3ghz.

Surely that is high enough...[/QUOTE]

It's not bad...but "can do better"

04-11-2006, 15:06:40


It's not bad...but "can do better"

Well as I said on MSN kemp...590Sli board orfder has been cancelled.

So to date...kit is:

Gkill 6400HZ

05-11-2006, 10:18:28

LOL, come on, tell me you guys never saw Eddie Murphy's 'Best of SNL' James Brown skit, "In The Hot Tub!"

"Too hot-uh! Gonna make me sweat-uh!!" LMAO, some of the best comedy ever...


Edit: Good choice with the G.Skill, doing good things with it now (In conjunction with beta BIOS 13 on my AW9D vanilla mobo...)

05-11-2006, 15:34:06

roll on November 8th...

680i mobo will be winging its way to me!

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