Interview with Rockstars co-founder

"An interview with co-creator of Rockstar on the subject of Grand Theft Auto"

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Interview with Rockstars co-founder

Grand Theft Auto series of games broke boundaries and changed the face of the gaming world by changing how we played out games.
An interview on Variety magazine's blog, developer Rockstar's creative vice-president and co-founder Dan Houser explained where the games power lay in making you feel "The star of your own film".
Below are some quotes taken from the blog, showing how GTA took over the gaming world.
But the problem with a lot of games at that time that were very popular was you didn't feel like you were controlling a character because you didn’t really have any power over them.
With the release of Grand Theft Auto 3 the way games were controlled was totally re-vamped. For the first time in gaming history you where able to move yourself around a dynamic and life-like city, making the choices and not being pushed along by the game.
We made a lot of that stuff up," he said. "Things like, 'Well we've got a city full of characters. Of course they're all going to speak.

Nobody had ever done that. At the time it seemed outrageous in that we had several thousand lines of dialogue and 60 speaking parts and the radio. That's stuff we made up. Now it's, 'Of course you do that'.
More of the interview can be found here, A very interesting read to say the least.
With the new Grand Theft Auto IV release next week the gaming world is getting ready for yet another breathtaking and new game.
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hello there

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Watcha Matey :wavey: Hope the conversion goes ok.

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Welcome to the forums, mate. :) Hope you find all the help you need here, I'm sure you will. ;)

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:wavey: Welcome to OC3D forum JackyBoy. Feel free to ask any questions you like about water-cooling, there are plenty of us here willing to help :)

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Hey mate, good to have ya here

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Thanks for the quick welcome everybody! yeah if i have any problems i wont hesitate to ask! but to be honest ive nearly finalised my shopping list, just need some bits to come into stock at aqua-pc! :P

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Welcome to the forums mate! :)

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