Game with Overclock3D this Christmas and WIN PRESENTS!

"Fancy winning some great prizes this Christmas? Get gaming on our servers and you could well be in with a chance!"

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Game with Overclock3D this Christmas and WIN PRESENTS!

HollyAs a wise man once said: "Christmas is a time for gaming". Ok well maybe he didn't say that, but who are we to argue. Being the devout religious gamer types here at Overclock3D we intend on bringing Christmas and New Year in with a bang. The bang of a hand guns and backfiring racing cars that is!

Starting midday on the 21st of December Overclock3D will be holding a series of gaming events on our servers for all Overclock3D readers and members to get together and relax with some non-competitive gaming cheer. Two free games have been chosen to ensure that nobody has any excuses for not attending and Christmas presents will be up for grabs to those who we see in the festive spirit! Among our sponsors are Be-Quiet, HIS, Keysonic, Icybox, Crucial and PC Power & Cooling with even more presents being confirmed every day. Check out the current contents of Santa's sack below:


Fear RenderF.E.A.R COMBAT

The free multi-player version of F.E.A.R is first on Santa's n00b slaying list, and a mirror to the 1.7GB download is available right here on Overclock3D. Games will start around 12 noon GMT on the 21st of December and we will be handing out some awesome prizes to players who identify themselves as being readers of Overclock3D (by adding 'OC3D' to their player name) on the server throughout the afternoon and evening.

Date: 21st December
Time: 12 noon GMT on-wards

DOWNLOAD 1.07 to 1.08 Update


If the though of spilling excessive amounts of blood with pump action shotguns isn't quite your idea of festive fun, then on December 28th Overclock3D will be hosting a Trackmania Nations Forever fun server with some loop-the-loop time attack tracks. Once again, Trackmania is a free game available via Steam and everyone is welcome to join in. Prizes will be dished out throughout the afternoon with our game server admins picking people who identify themselves as OC3D readers.

Date: 28th December
Time: 12 noon GMT on-wards
Server: (or navigate to servers in UK > South West)


Discuss the events in our forum.


Overclock3D 24/7 Servers

Just because our Santa supported gaming events only run on two days of the festive season doesn't mean that you're going to be left without a place to game for the rest of the holidays. Overclock3D runs a total of 8 game servers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your enjoyment. Details of all of our servers can be seen below:

CoD4 - TDM [All Maps] - TDM [All Maps]

UT3 TDM #1 [Voting/No Mods] vCTF #1 [Voting/No Mods]

CSS - Team DeathMatch #1 - Team Deathmatch #2

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading, get playing and get ready to win some great stuff just by having fun this holiday season!

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Most Recent Comments

07-12-2008, 19:03:15


whats a tree?

(not bothered with one for a few years now,sad but true)

07-12-2008, 20:29:23



whats a tree?


08-12-2008, 07:24:44

The kids set ours up on the 1st of December. Admittedly it's looking a little crap/ratty atm, but a sudden gust of wind from an approaching storm blew it over on Saturday. Hopefully you'll get the idea - tis ghetto but still standing.


08-12-2008, 07:26:08

Good stuff dude. Don't they always come out great when you let the kids do them :p

08-12-2008, 07:30:31

ROFl don't they what!!! It's so funny to watch 'little people' decorating a 6 foot tree

08-12-2008, 10:58:30

this is what i wanna get:



08-12-2008, 11:06:21

Won't be uplifting the tree business til around a week 10 days b4 christmas.

Have had some scumbags around the house @ 12.01 Dec 1st, droning "we wish u a merry xmas" (twas about all they knew of anything) in tear-away kid-speak, looking like they`re up to no good and just wreaking with trouble.

Told em to eff it for 2 weeks.

13-12-2008, 06:11:27

Surely to goodness there must be more trees up now in the community. C'mon guys...

13-12-2008, 06:24:29

Mine's going up tomorrow, most likely.

13-12-2008, 06:39:33

Sweet! Make sure we get a pic please - tis the season to be jolly :)

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