Futuremark Announces the Futuremark Games Studio

"With its first game already in development, Futuremark Games Studio was created to produce original world class games."

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After years of designing benchmarks to bring our systems to their knees Futuremark are venturing into game development, Return to Proxycon? I hope for our sake they optimise their games to run smoothly!

Futuremark Announces the Futuremark Games Studio 

With its first game already in development, Futuremark Games Studio was created to produce original world class games.

Espoo, Finland - January 29th, 2008 - Futuremark (www.futuremark.com), is proud to announce the formation of a group named the Futuremark Games Studio. For the past 10 years, Futuremark has been pushing the boundaries of PC 3D graphics performance with its 3DMark® series, which has become by far the world's most popular benchmarking software. The 3DMark series combines stunning 3D art with world class engines from Direct3D 6 up to Direct3D 10. "Futuremark Games Studio is committed to developing original IP games with the highest quality game play combined with our established track record of creating blow-your-socks-off visuals", said Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Futuremark Corporation. "For years, our fans have been asking us when will we start making games. Very soon they are going to get it - and then some!"

Over the past 10 years Futuremark's team of brilliant artists and engineers has created remarkably beautiful demos and benchmarks for a variety of clients to show off the abilities of their platforms. Although the new studio will demonstrate its ability to seamlessly integrate the latest technologies into its engines, its mission is to build world class games that bring new and entertaining game play to gamers. This includes games and their engines that deliver stellar performance even on modest platforms right up to the most enthusiastic levels of performance hardware.

More information will be available here
Do you think a benchmark company has any place developing games? Let us know in the forum here
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Most Recent Comments

31-01-2008, 15:23:07

2 x WD HDD's - it's a big case


2 + 2

AMD Crossfire :D

Gotta be OCer if it's a big case :D


Hmm plain matt finish?

31-01-2008, 16:48:11

Gotta be Water!

31-01-2008, 16:52:05


Gotta be Water!

LOL, what about the rest of the stuff?

31-01-2008, 16:52:51

omgage!!! cant wait for that to get started. Loving the C/Fibre look too. Should make it all stealthy with no wires AT ALL visible. (If thats possible)

Cant wait to see what happens...:worship:

31-01-2008, 18:55:21


water cooling

2 rads and 2 pumps

Intel Quad

X38 Board



smooth finish/surface

01-02-2008, 04:16:41

Mr. Smith


2 rads, 2 pumps, 2 loops

Intel Quad

X38 Board

3870X2, x2 if you have deep pockets :D


Smooth matt finish

Basically what Naguru said!

05-02-2008, 19:40:45

Looks like for hardware I will be using a DFI 590 (with a FX62 or X2 6400)

I picked up a pair of these

I just couldnt imagine beating them for $219.Not to mention the coolers are perfect for my case.


So a question I really want to ask is do you like H20 for cooling because it "LOOKS" cool or for its "PERFORMANCE"?

06-02-2008, 04:22:48

Mr. Smith
Honestly, both. For me it means you can overclock more AND it looks cool :)

But I don't like seeing ineffective h2o, it has to be functional. Cheap/crap water cooling can be matched/beaten with nice air cooling...

Proccy wise, are these some you have lying around? If you are buying it has to be c2d/cheap quad for raw power.

Looks wise, I'm still gathering stuff I like so expect your PM box to start taking a beating ;)

06-02-2008, 12:18:53

I have the CPUs already (seems silly not to use them) For boards I have a Biostar 570SLI (PCI Express x8) so I ordered a Biostar 590 (PCI X16) cause I am planning on 2 8800GTs. I got a notice DFI is sending me a 590 so I may be using it if it gets here soon.

06-02-2008, 12:32:32


I am sitting down at my bench trying to figure the hardware so I could use ur help with a few details...

1-2 WD 160GIG hdds or 2 80GIG Laptop HDDs

2-water cooling or advanced air

3-if watercooling 1 or 2 rads and pumps?

4-AMD or Intel (SLI, Crossfire or 1 GPU)

5-OCer/Gamer or HTPC(multiple tuners and remote)

6-smooth finish/surface on exterior or exposed screw heads.

7-Case graphics or plain glossy finish on exterior/interior

Everyone opinions matter so chime in...

1. two raptors :) for extra speed

2. water

3. 2+2

4. AMD!!

5. overclocker

6. flattened screw heads? :)

7. pearlecent paint? :)

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