Four DirectX 11 Games Confirmed

"A grand total of four games that support the latest version of DirectX have been confirmed. A few more on the way."

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Games for DirectX 11
In an AMD blog post which discussed how their upcoming Evergreen series of GPUs supported the DirectX 11 API, which will launch with Microsoft's Windows 7 on the 22nd of October. According to the blog, four games will support it at first, although more will come over time. First of all, the free-to-play RPS, BattleForge will receive a patch to make it compatible in October 2009, whilst the other three will natively support it. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat comes in October 2009 whilst DiRT 2 was held back on the PC to add in support and will be released in December 2009 and finally, Aliens vs Predator will be released in February 2010. F1 2010, Crysis 2, Race Driver: GRID 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are all said to support DirectX 11 too, although their release dates are unknown. It seems to be a better reception than the one DirectX 10 received when it was launched with Windows Vista, with only a handful of games supporting it.
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07-02-2010, 16:42:38


It dosn't always follow that rigs are not stable with high clocks.
My P35 rig is stable 24/7 at 5.1ghz and can bench at 5.3ghz/5.5ghz depending on the bench.
The x58 in my sig will bench all day long at 4.8ghz with 3d benchies, and at 5ghz+ with other benchies.
Sometimes you just have to accept that a given CPU has a maximum clock that it will go to with a given method of cooling. The colder it is, the higher it will go.

I know rigs can be stable at high speeds, the E8600 is a great chip for that, but my p35 + E7400 is barely stable at 4.5gig on water. The speed of the ram in use at the time also helps. there's lots of contributing factors to a stable overclock, but thats for a different post.

18-12-2010, 13:38:00

I have a question, is it possible the go higher than 435 FBS on a P43 chipset motherboard?

18-12-2010, 19:04:22


I have a question, is it possible the go higher than 435 FBS on a P43 chipset motherboard?

I cant say as I have overclocked that many p43 mobos so I cant answer that.
Try starting a new thread in the overclocking section. you may get a better response there.

19-12-2010, 05:25:17

tnx anyway :)

19-12-2010, 05:47:51

To get back on the thread, I got a tactic for ya'll :P

When doing your benching with the likes of SuperPI - even tho you need a cpuz in your screenshot, close it whilst you do the bench run and open it when you're going to take the screenie ;)

It can shave those minor numbers off I've found.

04-03-2011, 16:54:46

best tactic for benchmarking is xp.

cpu scores are much higher (or lower;)) on xp vs later ones, only use win 7 for vantage and unigine which need the directx.

i have an old 40gb ide drive i use, yea boot is a bitch waiting all those 30 seconds but its well worth those extra points.

you are spot on about stability, it only needs to be stable enough to run the bench, after that could care less. i too dont have a lot of money to throw at hwbot and use it more to compare myself to others with my hardware who aren't using subzero cooling.

now my 9550 tops out around 4.6ghz but i wouldnt call it stable above 4.45ghz to tell you the truth but i know that its the same for everybody else submitting on there, its not a stability submission its about balls out performance.

04-03-2011, 17:40:02

XP I would use for most of the CPU tests, apart from pcmark05.
3dmark 01 and aquamark are definately xp but the other gpu benches run better in vista or 7 with the latest drivers.

04-03-2011, 18:22:10

You really got to bear in mind how much you're willing to strip down the services and extra crap in each of the OSes too. Windows 7 and to a lesser extent Vista, have a bunch of "helpful" services that get in the way of benching. You need to give them time to settle down after booting to before they show their colors.

But in fairness, when you like to use XP, you have little of these things to worry about.

EDIT: With wPrime, don't forget to set the thread use in the advanced settings. That way you won't be wondering for an hour like an idiot (points to self) why your a fraction of the fantastic scores everyone else in the world is getting.

05-03-2011, 01:26:12

idk, other than 06 and later i have found the older drivers give better results than the new ones which seem to be giving all the gains in dx10 and 11. this is the big issue rawz was on about in another thread, getting the right driver for the card for each bench is the big issue with the 3d tests because for a 5 or 10 year old benchmark the latest driver isnt always the greatest.

xp vs win7, i have tweaked both as much as i can and xp wins everytime in the things that will run on it. sometimes with the 3d tests the drivers might be better on 7 but its not as big a gain in points as what i lose from the cpu score.

05-03-2011, 04:18:05

I know it's a pita, but technically, from a performance pov, you really need to look at each 3d benchmark, the year of the card you're using, and the revision of the drivers.

Too far away from where your card came out, the driver makers are looking at performance for newer cards and compatibility for yours. Then you need to think about which directx is applicable in those dates.

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