DirectX 11 to be announced this Month

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DirectX 11 to be announced this Month
Microsoft have said to start talking about DirectX 11 in less than two weeks. Sources have confirmed that at the Microsoft game technology conference, previously known as Meltdown and more recently called Gamefest 2008, will be the place where Microsoft officially plans to unveil DirectX 11.
The gaming conference takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of July in the city of Seattle and it will set you back $550 if you register online. More details can be found here.
The big new feature of DX11 is Tessellation/Displacement we also heard that Multithreaded Rendering and Compute Shaders will be a big part of it too. DX11 will also bring gamers Pixel Shader 5.0 but details are sketchy.
Looks as if DX11 will stick with rasterization as there is yet to be any mention of Ray tracing support. Nvidia will also talk about DirectX 11 at its Nvision event / conference in late August 2008.
Is it too soon? DX10 has yet to take off and they are bring out DX11. Tell us what you think on our Forums.
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Most Recent Comments

05-07-2008, 18:29:23

Old school! :)

I'll keep an eye out, good luck!

05-07-2008, 18:31:38

old skool ftw!!

cheers mate

05-07-2008, 19:51:27

would CPU and northbridge and GPU and theh rest on one loop not be better? I havev CPU and GPU on the same loop but will your primary loop not get a bit warm where as your second might get very hot? I might be (and most like am) wrong but just a though, if you are doing 2 loops make it to spead the heat? Lovely case there, fresh frrom '95... :D

05-07-2008, 21:40:22

trust me the case is not going to stay looking that way for too long

06-07-2008, 01:19:14

Nice one mate, there'll be plenty of room in that server case. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see how it progresses. :)

02-08-2008, 16:28:58

ok,its time to post some pics of what happens when I am let loose with power tools,and tbh the results are very painful:(

I really cannot cut a straight line......



look at the mess of this one after i measured it wrong(but when the fan grills are on its not noticeable,luckily):

EDIT:just noticed that my feet look realllly small,lol

02-08-2008, 16:37:01

Ouch...nice effort, but all I can say is I'm glad you did it on that case and not a LiLi :p

02-08-2008, 16:41:57

thats why I got a cheap old case rather than a nice costly one:D:D

but once i decide what to do with the bezel the front holes wont matter,and my OC3D fan grills cover the top disaster area,all it needs is a quick lick of paint and jobs a good'un(if you believe that you will believe anything,lol)


looks like I am gonna need a miracle for this bit as well

EDIT:this is what happens when you start attacking a case after 26 hours at work and 4 hours sleep

02-08-2008, 18:10:57

Old Skool 2 New Skool.

When I first looked @ that case. Straight away it reminded me of them good ol' days.

18-08-2008, 10:48:17

have made some progress with the case (have fixed my rather bad cutting errors)will have loads of pics as soon as I can find my camera cable.Have just put my order in for my w/c gear
1 x 6mm Heatshrink - Black
1 x PrimoChill Anti-Kink Coils 3/4"- UV Blue
1 x 4mm Cable Braid - Black
4 x Blackfire4 Kameleon BLACK/UV BLUE LED
1 x 1/4" BSPP Ball Valve (FBBAVL14)
1 x 1/2" - 1/2" T Splitter (White Nylon)
1 x AcrylPanel™ 3mm - 480x480mm Black
1 x AC Ryan 12" Dual CCFL UV Kit
1 x AC Ryan 4" Dual CCFL UV Kit
1 x XSPC Full Cover Razor 8800GT/GTS (G92)
1 x Feser View 50ml Dye (UV Green)
2 x Yate Loon 120mm D12SH-12 - 2200 RPM
1 x 20/20 Plastic Polishing & Scratch Removal Kit
1 x Arctic Silver Ceramique (TPASCERM)
3 x Neoprene Rubber Edge Trim (PTNRT-1)
1 x 1/2" Clear High Flex Hose (XSPC)
12 x Mikalor Wormdrive Clip 3/4" OD (B12JC)
1 x XSPC Single 200 Bay Reservoir Pump - Clear

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