Can Open Linux On A Phone Inspire Change?

"Can Open Linux compete on the mobile phone platform? Read on to find out more..."

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News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 15/01/07
Author: PV5150
Source: Open Moko

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By now the dust will have begun to settle in San Francisco, especially after the launch of the developer-unfriendly Apple iPhone, but the real game changers were demonstrating their strategy at CES 2007, in Las Vegas. While the hardware may be similar, the strategy is a complete reversal of Apple's closed platform and proprietary hardware. OpenMoko is an open Linux-based mobile application development platform that's designed to help operators and developers build innovative applications on top of a basic phone platform.

That platform is the FIC neo1973 , an attractive curved device with a single large VGA touch screen, and a built in GPS. While it's only GPRS, this is a first cut at delivering open hardware, so we can expect future hardware to support faster data connections.

Out of the box the FIC mobile phone has very few features. You can make calls, send text messages – and that's pretty much it. The hardware, however, is much more capable. Applications are handled in an open manner, with access to proprietary hardware functions – including location data and connectivity tools. A set of core tools mean all applications can access finger and stylus information, with core libraries that offer UI and PIM access. Other libraries offer GSM and GPS support – so your applications can take advantage of both network and hardware features.

The philosophy behind OpenMoko is interesting - by providing capable hardware, with a good UI and basic software, the project intends to quickly build a library of available applications. Existing Linux code can be ported to OpenMoko, while an SDK means that existing development tools (and skills) can be used to create new phone-centric applications .

FIC Neo1973 Smartphone Main menu Contacts

If you would like any other details on the FIC Neo1973 Smartphone, head here

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Most Recent Comments

14-01-2007, 18:00:53


i dont think it would be so usefull there because of the lack of electricity

It's the thought that counts :p

14-01-2007, 18:39:09

i supose you could linkl it to a solar panle with a transformer that would work :yumyum:

14-01-2007, 19:11:42

why don't you stick it on something that isn't a a DVD player or something fun.

That would be a good lil vid to make :)

15-01-2007, 05:24:25

how about a water cooled toster duno just a sugestion my freind made :D

15-01-2007, 08:49:09


how about a water cooled toster duno just a sugestion my freind made :D

I would not trust it to not get my toast soggy. I vote for watercooling some household electronic appliance.

15-01-2007, 11:00:46

omg matt! you gotta watercool a toaster! how wiked would that be?

2nd thoughts, try to make a aquarium filter out of it (woo i keep tropical fish!)

or maybe use it in your physics work?

15-01-2007, 11:01:45

Make some sort of water pistol out of it :D

15-01-2007, 11:19:12

Build the worlds worse waterchiller?

15-01-2007, 11:39:30

What about modifying it so the radiator sits in your freezer and modify the block on it to take a beer can

15-01-2007, 12:24:12

nice idea drinks chiller for a lan party

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