Worlds Smallest Power Supply

"Worlds Smallest Power Supply"

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It uses (patent pending) HyperWatt technology in order to be able to put out an impressive 120W from its tiny footprint. No enclosure or cooling is needed. Part of the reason why it is so small is because it is a DC-to-DC power supply. This means that it will have to be used with an external AC-to-DC power converter as do almost all Mini-ITX power supplies.
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13-01-2006, 05:07:45

So my card came. Stupidly early monrning delivery but its here and running:). Physicaly easy to install as most cards are now i think. Came with a DVI/VGA addapter and a whole host of tvo cables. And a shiney 'Fulled By saphire' sticker:D . Did a typical driver install, rebboted and ws ready to go. Poking around the catalyst control center it dosn't seam to give half the options of the nvidia drivers, but thats not to concerning at the moment. Fired up everst to check the clockspeeds etc and bang, nothing. I pressume that the GPU is too new for my aging program, So i forget that for now. Ran 3Dmark03 at my defult settings of 800X600 and everything turned down (my old card wouldn't run at anything more...) and socre was 8880. Very respectable and smashed my old card by about a lightyear. I got a constant 100fps in CS:S with 9 bots hogging my CPU clocks. And then i came to write this:D .

So far very chuffed. Will run a few more tests (3Dmark05, FEAR demo and Doom3) when i get the chance. Only thing being it seams to generate alot of heat, it shouldnt be an issue as im not overclocking it.....yet. But i like a nice chilly case. Suppose the two 120mm fans i ordered with it will help in that though:)

13-01-2006, 05:13:07

Nice mate. Some bencies at the stock 3DMark03/05/01 res settings would be nice for comparison :)

13-01-2006, 05:40:33

Lol sure kempz. Ill post the benchmark and its results here now

So far:
3Dmark03 (800X600, all low, 8880)
3Dmark03 (defults) 6805
3Dmark05 (defaults) 3796
CS:S (800X600 dust_2, 9 bots) 80-150fps
CS:S (1024X768, dust_2, SX server) to do
HL2 (1024X768, Max levels (other than AA, AF and HDR) 80(ish)FPS (constant)
FEAR demo to do
Doom3 to do

13-01-2006, 05:45:26

Excellent mate

Feel free to do a nice review and stick it in the review section.

Check all our reviews aqs a guide on how to do them nice :)

:anisx: has some Top Secret Plans for Reviews @ :anisx: so it may be worth doing a nice one with pics and stuff :)

13-01-2006, 05:56:25

Ill give it a go:D . problem will be trying to give a balanced oppinion as ive never used anything more powerful:( . stock 3Dmark03 score is up, 05 is next:).

13-01-2006, 06:31:54

WC Annihilus
Grats on the card man.

Hmm, I think a lesson in spelling is in order :D (Sorry if this is offensive, but for some reason spelling kind of bugs me. No hard feelings?)

13-01-2006, 06:33:02

whr u get it and how much?

13-01-2006, 12:06:47

It was just short of 90 from ebuyer. Not Incl Postage.

And sorry WC Annihilus, I am aware i can't spell for **** but my copy of word has gone missing and i was typing in an excited rush:)

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