Transmeta Sues Intel For Patent Infringement

"Transmeta Sues Intel For Patent Infringement"

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According to an online source, California based Transmeta alleges that Intel violated 10 of its patents and that the intellectual property behind these patents is embodied in $100 billion worth of chips sold by Intel. The claim extends back to the P6 generation of chips, which includes the Pentium Pro and Pentium II, and forward to the latest Core 2 Duo processors.

Intel's alleged patent infringement apparently relates to the area of power efficiency. Transmeta alleges that Intel infringed on one of its patents when it inserted a technology called "enhanced SpeedStep" into its models, said John Horsely, Transmeta's general counsel.

Other patents relate to things like instruction scheduling and other microarchitecture issues. Transmeta's patents were filed over a 10-year period, starting in 1991 (which predates the Pentium Pro) and going through 2000. Horsely said the suit is not barred by the statute of limitations.

Whilst Transmeta allege that Intel has infringed on it's patents,  it's interesting to note that  Transmeta has:

*Regularly lost millions of dollars a year. Between January 1998 and June 2005, it posted accumulated losses of $635 million on revenue of $134 million.

*Gone through several rounds of layoffs and changed its CEO three times before refashioning itself into an intellectual property firm last year.

Not that the above information should have any bearing on the impending case, but it certainly gets one thinking.

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Most Recent Comments

11-10-2006, 13:34:34

easier said than done!!!! just found a ini file, just looking at the settings and puttting in the default profile, so every user created get its. still have a problem though, it doesnt enable the wireless until that program has started. pretty crap really that acer havent thought about this. there tech support say "try reinstalling the epower management" i'm like agh, done it 3 or 4 times, not going to help. had the same problem with nec, they said it was made like that by default, so they just ruled out business's/schools etc using them on a domain wirelessly. agh!

11-10-2006, 13:45:11

What I do is this, I disable the wireless zero config program, then set the card up using its software - epower doesn't do the card, you'll need to check the card type and get the proper util from the manufacturer's website, then set the card up, and then disable the software, and it should connect the wireless during the windows is loading screen, and do the script at logon...

11-10-2006, 13:52:59

Does it then powerup the wifi during the same time windo$e normally does network stuff during boot ?

11-10-2006, 14:07:26

no, windows does it network stuff (or most of it). straight after log in. The wifi is activated once the user has logged in and everything else has loaded. Another thing i noticed. dont think epower likes to run under domain users with admin rights. it starts then disappears, what fun this is!
Got to install 20 laptop tomorrow :S

11-10-2006, 14:36:09

Interesting, the acerpower desktop I got (had) here that used to hold all meh music on, would let u browse it`s drives & play it`s music (from any of meh other pcs) whilst it was still stuck on the login screen.

Way I understood it was that the netbehaviour was sorted out during the "scrolly blue/green" flash screen during boot.

Is this just a windo$e->laptop thing ?

11-10-2006, 15:02:21

dont know. Just got of the phone to a mate, he has the older version of the epower. and guess what, it works fine!!! and guess what, acer wont give me the older version. swines i tell thee!

11-10-2006, 20:40:52


no, windows does it network stuff (or most of it). straight after log in. The wifi is activated once the user has logged in and everything else has loaded.

:confused:, I guess it's setup differently to mine then...

12-10-2006, 11:40:57

what revision of epower you got phnom?

12-10-2006, 13:09:50


what revision of epower you got phnom?

Epower manages the laptop's power profiles, I don't use it, I just leave it to windows...

12-10-2006, 13:42:29

o i see, you know the toggle to switch the wireless on or off? Have you got a button that you press or a little switch that slides from side to side?

and are you using it on a domain?

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