The Largest Ever Credit Card Data Breach?

"Potentially millions of credit card transactions breached in latest data theft."

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Worrying times ahead?

Largest ever credit card data breach?Heartland Payment Systems, a US credit card payment processor, announced yesterday that their systems had been breached and the event is under investigation by the US Secret Service and Department of Justice. The breach has the potential to affect tens of millions of credit and debit card transactions. In an article to the Washington Post, Robert Baldwin, Heartland's president and chief financial officer said:

"The transactional data crossing our platform, in terms of magnitude... is about 100 million transactions a month. At this point, though, we don't know the magnitude of what was grabbed."

There is some good news though:

No merchant data or cardholder Social Security numbers, unencrypted personal identification numbers (PIN), addresses or telephone numbers were involved in the breach. Nor were any of Heartland's check management systems; Canadian, payroll, campus solutions or micropayments operations; Give Something Back Network; or the recently acquired Network Services and Chockstone processing platforms.

Heartland have created a website to provide information on the breach, although it currently has only the official press release within it's content. It would seem that, at the time of writing this article, the website is facing huge demand as trying to connect is currently resulting in timeouts. People are being urged to keep a keen eye on their Credit Card statements, and alert their providers to any suspicious activity immediately.

Do you feel secure using credit cards? Does this article worry you? Discuss in our forums here.

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Most Recent Comments

24-01-2009, 18:27:13

Well done, it looks very nice :) The case goes well with your room :P

30-01-2009, 16:33:09


30-01-2009, 16:48:50

Looking good :)
Can you resize the images though please?

surely.. with that amount of stuff in there, you should really have gotten a bigger case?

30-01-2009, 16:53:21

LOL I like the compactness off it and this is as much as it will ever get...smaller is better :D

p.s images now resized

30-01-2009, 18:42:44

That rig looks really good, have to be honest.

I like the way the LL seems like it can blend in like a piece of furniture.

Insides are obviously quality, and I think the usage of the lighting comes off well - it's too easy to make the mistake of going over the top and appearing tacky. Think it's down to ur positioning of things. Be a cherry on the cake for me if the tubing uv/reflected that much more.

One thing I would mention is that of all the angles of pictures taken, the ones where u can't see through the mesh of the front of the case show it off the best. Dunno what it is, but I hate meshed fronts to cases. Don't mind mesh in general, just think it taints things sometimes.

Great piece of work.

30-01-2009, 18:51:13

Do you still keep the hdd in the bottom section of the case? Looks very good and just shows that even with a normal (mid towers iirc) size case without mods you can stick some decent watercooling in. I love the lightening i love cable management. Its just so decent :)

31-01-2009, 06:27:35

Thanks for all the comments guys :D

Yes I have the drives still in the bottom its a little bit of a squeeze which is why I had to let my 1500w toughpower go.
I got a slightly smaller PSU to just give that little extra breathing room for the rad.

25-02-2009, 03:48:38

It's very Nice with the UV cathodes !

25-02-2009, 13:17:22

That's one slick looking build. That blue lighting inside is perfect :cool:

Just hope that never leaks on the white carpeting :p Although, blue UV reactive carpeting would be kinda cool...

25-02-2009, 13:31:18


That's one slick looking build. That blue lighting inside is perfect :cool:

Just hope that never leaks on the white carpeting :p Although, blue UV reactive carpeting would be kinda cool...

Ive got purple UV carpet in my old room :S

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