TechCrunch Upgrades CrunchPad to Atom

"TechCrunch is coming up with a major revision in its CrunchPad touchscreen tablet."

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TechCrunch Upgrades CrunchPad to Atom
The new CrunchPad touchscreen tablet from TechCrunch
TechCrunch is coming up with a major revision in its CrunchPad touchscreen tablet. The new version will be much thinner than older prototypes and will come with an Intel Atom processor instead of a VIA Nano one.

The new tablet will also feature a wider, capacitive 12in Touchscreen, making it easier to use. A new software base using a custom Linux variant and a WebKit-based browser are expected to improve efficiency and reduce space usage to just 100MB. Focused exclusively on web browsing, the tablet comes with just 4GB of storage space.

Additional features include a camera for photos and videos, and a USB port for connecting peripherals. The only shortfall in the otherwise attractive tablet is the lack of a traditional keyboard; all typing is handled by the on-screen keyboard.

While details about the features have been leaked, the exact shipping date for the new system is not known. The tablet is expected to cost around $300, significantly lesser than most notebooks, tablet PCs and netbooks.

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06-04-2009, 16:48:04

I thought id rethread this to clarify a few things.

Im am currently running a p7n platinum SLI mobo.

And I just ordered a new Q8300 to upgrade my old E6600.

Has anyone OCed this proc? I saw someone who got 4g on air...but all i was reading said that Quads dont really like FSB, so Im looking to see HOW he did it. you think this Mobo has the capability to push this chip that fast?

06-04-2009, 18:05:24

They dont like fsb, and I very much doubt that mobo would get there dude.
The q8300 has a 7.5 multi, that means you would need 533fsb to get to 4ghz.

That would be a dream quad for anyone with any multi tbh, I very much doubt you will get yours above 450(if your lucky) 400fsb is more likely tbh for a 3ghz clock.

10-04-2009, 20:39:06

While 500+FSB on a Quad isn't impossible with the right motherboard and RAM, I'm not so sure that you'll get very close to it with an nForce motherboard. Intel based chipsets such as the P45 and X48 hold the titles for higher Quad FSB frequencies.

I also reckon that 400-450MHz is the expected ballpark frequency on the Front Side Bus (so around 3.0-3.4GHz) with the above motherboard. For a $189 Quad, I certainly wouldn't call that a disappointing result! :)

Be sure to overclock in fairly small increments to understand the behaviour of your components as you ramp up the frequencies and don't be shy to have a play with other Voltage adjustments other than VCore (VTT/PLL and GTL Reference) as finetuning these will help squeeze as high an FSB as possible. Also, do remember to set your memory to operate at a 1:1 ratio with the FSB frequency and you've applied the Voltages and Timings specified by OCZ to prevent it from holding your CPU overclock back.

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