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"Tech of Yesteryear: Where Old Computers Find Their Final Resting Place"

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Tech of Yesteryear: Where Old Computers Find Their Final Resting Place
In order to know where we're going, we've got to know where we've been.
For those who are old enough to remember the tech of yesteryear, an Australian collector of sorts has opened up his Sydney home to show the world his private collection of relics from the past. For those not old enough to remember, this may be an interesting snapshot of computing history.
Early 80's CPU
(A huge CPU module of the ELXSI computer – mid 1980’s)
Max Burnet has turned his home in the leafy suburbs of Sydney into arguably Australia’s largest private computer museum. Since retiring as director of Digital Equipment Corporation a decade ago, Burnet has converted his interest in the computing industry into an invaluable snapshot of computer history. Every available space from his basement to the top floor of his two-storey home is covered with relics from the past. His collection is vast, from a 1920s Julius Totalisator, the first UNIX PDP-7, a classic DEC PDP-8, the original IBM PC, Apple’s Lisa, MITS Altair 8800, numerous punch cards and over 6000 computer reference books. And more. He happily opened his doors for CIO to take a look.
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Most Recent Comments

19-11-2008, 15:55:41

Hiya guys,

I'm planning on going WC in my AC Ryan Acrylic black case which already has 4x UV purple cold cathodes and 3x 80mm CMaster UV purple case fans.

The following is planned/needed, please do comment:

Res: XSPC 5.25" Black front acrylic
CPU: Enzotech SCW-1 CPU
NB: ASUS Fusion NB block (probably with new thermal paste though)
Rad: Alphacool NexXxoS Xtreme III Rev.2 Radiator
Pump: Not sure, I heard Eheims are noisy (which I don't really want) but I do want a pump that can pump CPU/NB/(2x)VGA/4x RAM
Tubing/Dye: Clearview + Purple/pink dye? How is tygon for UV reactive dye?
Barbing: I'm not sure about this either. RAM has 1/4, NB has 3/8 afaik.

I can't do 2 loops (I know it would be best), as in:
CPU + VGA 1/2"
NB + RAM 1/4"

Rig in my signature is used.

Any comments or input are welcome.

Please keep in mind: I'm a student with chronical lack of money, so the pump should max out around 60.-, as for I know, this includes the Eheim 1250 pump.



19-11-2008, 18:53:34

Swap the cpu block for one of the usual suspects (D-Tek Fusion, Swiftecs latest (can remember the name), EK Supreme, XSPC Delta). The enzotech block just wasn't that good from what I read.

Pump, DDC Pro/Ultra with a fancy top of your choice.

And if you really feel the need to cool your ram just get an OCZ XTC or strap a 120mm to it. Watercooling it will be a waste of time.

Tbh id replace the NB block too. Asus' attempt wasn't too good and has been even known to leak.

20-11-2008, 03:29:28

Thanks for the reply.

Here are my options:

- Swiftech Apogee GTX (Sockel 775) (50.-)
- Danger Den MC-TDX (Sockel 775) (50.-)
- EK Water Blocks EK-Supreme Plexi / Acetal (45+)

I thought WCing the RAM would be a pimp factor really ;) On the other hand, if I would replace the NB, I could go full 1/2" (CPU+NB+VGA)

I'll read into NB WC blocks too. Any recommendations (looking for a rather low price-class here too, but I get to choose between Zalman and ASUS stock I'll choose ASUS stock ;))

EDIT: Any input on the pump is also highly appreciated!

20-11-2008, 05:00:50

Any of those blocks will fine if you aren't after absolute perfromance, and they are all nice looking blocks too. The EK Supreme is very restrictive though, so you need to factor that in when deciding upon pump choice. For watercooling CPU, GPU and NB I'd take the Laing DDC Ultra - especially if you run with the EK Supreme.

20-11-2008, 07:08:57

Thanks for your reply :)

I've got the Swiftech Apogee GTX listed atm.

Any pump in the €50.- region maybe?

The one you listed goes for >€75.-o.o

Is the Laing DDC-1T 12V an option to consider?

Ah another question:

The Rad I figured is 3x12 so 415mm long which doesn't fit in the TOP of my case. Is it a good idea to have the rad on the bottom?

My setup would then look like:
Reservoir (bay) (or maybe T-thingy filling)
(MOSFETs) -> CPU -> GPU -> NB -> (RAM) -> (SB) -> Radiator (bottom) -> Pump (bottom?) -> Reservoir

Been looking at this for example
ht tp://ww

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