Paris Firm Claims Full Touch Control Ability

"Paris-based technology firm Sensitive Object has created a device which it claims can turn any and every surface on a gadget into a touch-sensitive one."

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Paris Firm Claims Full Touch Control AbilityThe Anywhere MultiTouch can render any surface touch sensitive
Paris-based technology firm Sensitive Object has created a device which it claims can turn any and every surface on a gadget into a touch-sensitive one. The Anywhere MultiTouch reportedly works on vibrations rather than actual touch.
Multitouch capacity is catching on quickly, but the technology is still some time away from becoming fully available. However, Sensitive Object has used its patented ReverSys technology in combination with a couple of piezoelectric sensors to create a breakthrough system which works on a clever sound-based touch interface.
The new system pinpoints where your fingertip is touching the device by picking up the vibrations transferred from your fingertip through the surface. According to the company, the technology is fully compatible with all current ones and provides multitouch support, palm rejection and handwriting recognition.
Support for Windows 7 plus the ability to integrate seamlessly with materials such as glass, aluminium, and plastic make the Anywhere MultiTouch an impressive device. The most innovative part of the new development is its ability to turn the entire surface of a device touch sensitive, not just the screen.
To prove its point, Sensitive Object has created a game application running on a mobile phone that has touch sensitive bottom, top and rear surfaces. According to the company’s chief technical officer Bruno Thuillier, the Anywhere MultiTouch should find widespread use in mobile phones, netbooks, laptops, PCs, portable game terminals, and many other devices.
While Sensitive Objects plans on releasing pricing information only to interested OEMs, it claims that pricing will be highly competitive.
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Most Recent Comments

24-04-2009, 14:08:44

Hi all, my brothers pc (my old one) freezes shortly after booting into windows forcing a restart but when its restarted nothing appears on the screen. What i'm thinking it maybe is the southbridge overheating, the stock fan that was on it broke and now ive just got a small heatsink on it (see below)

Anyone got any ideas?

24-04-2009, 14:12:02

I assume you've cold booted into safe-mode to check it's not a driver issue?

When my old memory was dying a while ago I used to have to boot twice to get into a stable Windows.

24-04-2009, 14:15:43

Yep tried safe mode, it even fails in the BIOS :(

25-04-2009, 07:19:31

I ruled out the graphics card, then when I went into the BIOS i noticed it was only reading 2.5 out of 3GB of my RAM, so I removed one stick now its reading 2.5 out of 2.5 sadly this doesn't help.

Is it possible for a virus to disturb the BIOS?
Or is it my southbridge overheating?

25-04-2009, 14:46:58

when you said it reads 2.5gb of ram, maybe one of your rams has somehow got broken. have you tried booting it up with the other one in it own? virus that affect the bios are extremely rare. i personally think its a hardware problem. how many rams do you have?
Its either going to be a motherboard problem or a ram problem.

25-04-2009, 15:26:52

i think it might be a faulty motherboard :(

25-04-2009, 15:27:13

is it still under warranty?

25-04-2009, 16:53:40

it's like 4 years old haha

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