Overclock3D's Weekly Review Roundup - 27/04/08

"Assassins Creed PC review, a Gigabyte cooler, Cyber Snipa headset, a competition, review of the IButton, some ReaperX, a review on some Ballistix and an article on how to apply thermal paste."

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Overclock3D's Weekly Review Roundup - 27/04/08
Every week Overclock3D's news mailbox is spammed full of content from partner sites around the globe. Even with a dedicated team of 50 news posters we just cant keep up! So here's a round-up of the best bits we've received over the past week:
Assassin's Creed Director's Cut Edition PC Review
TTGamer have today posted a review of Assassin's Creed Director's Cut Edition for the PC. This console original actually feels quite at home on the PC, but most criticisms remain. - TTGamer  
GIGABYTE G-Power 2 Pro CPU Cooler
The GIGABYTE G-Power 2 Pro was first presented to me with a flash presentation detailing the functions and basically letting me know that it was not a mediocre product. From the start I was interested, and now that I am finished with my testing I can make you interested too. The G-Power 2 Pro is the third in a series of G-Power products. The first and second, the G-Power Pro and G-Power Lite were both good products, but when it came to design they followed in the footsteps of other traditional CPU heatsinks. The latest version, 2 Pro steps away from what’s traditional and looks to prove that innovation leads to higher performance. - TweakTown

Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Headset Review
Earlier this week we tested out the Stinger Gaming Mouse from Cyber Snipa. During this time we've also been using Cyber Snipa's Sonar 5.1 Headset as well. With a USB connection, eight speaker sound and adjustable boom mic, the Sonar 5.1 looks to have a lot going for it as well. - OCIA.net
Eagle Tech/TechwareLabs Contest Give-A-Way
TechwareLabs is happy to announce a Give-A-Way Contest through our sponsor Eagle Tech. We will be giving away three Eagle Tech Consensus 2.5" portable hard drive enclosures. Check out the contest page for rules and the deadline to enter the contest. - TechwareLabs
My iButton Review
Jason checks out the unique iButton aimed at enhancing your image and company by giving you some flair. This multi-functional device works as an MP3 player, video player, picture viewer, and more. We show you why we feel the iButton is an iFlop and cover some fatal flaws in this gadget gone wrong.TechwareLabs
How much would you pay for roughly 2% performance increase on your latest gaming rig? $100? $200? How about $600? Even the most hardcore computer enthusiasts for the past year have been struggling with this question -- and if you've been following the technology trend, yes, I am talking about DDR3 memory. According to our tests last year, DDR3 memory provided little advantage with original, first generation Core 2 CPUs in combination with Intel's first consumer chipset that supports DDR3, the P35. As DDR2 became mainstream last generation, it is inevitable to all extents that DDR3 will be in the position of DDR2. The question is only whether it'd be sooner or later. Currently, DDR3-1333 RAM is available in the market at press time that it retails for as low as $120. Combined with newer processors and chipsets that takes better advantage of faster memory (Meaning that, it's much more than 2% performance over DDR2 now), more users are becoming more willing to jump the boat. On the other hand, there's also the overclocking crowd that's more interested in DDR3 RAM because the price of most DDR3 sets is now within affordable margins. While the OCZ ReaperX is not $120 right now, what it offers is Micron's latest D9GTS ICs that has gained excellent reputation from enthusiast crowds for excellent overclocking. How does this set of RAM step up against the rest? Let's put it through our tests and we'll see how it goes.APH Networks
Today we will be taking a look at Crucial's latest High Performance DDR2 kit, the Ballistix Tracer 4GB kit (2GBx2) Red Edition, for which I would like to thank Crucial for sending us. - Techpowerup
Over the past several months, I have read an unreasonable number of discussion forum posts which offer inaccurate and often times incorrect information. It's not really all that surprising to read poorly conceived information on the Internet, which seems to be a anonymous means of passing off opinion for fact. As a general rule we don't let too many things go untested, and the advice of wanna-be experts is not doing the hardware enthusiast and overclocker community any good. In this article, Benchmark Reviews dispels myth and establishes fact on the topic of proper application of Thermal Interface Material.Benchmark Reviews
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Most Recent Comments

23-04-2008, 16:49:38

didnt no where to post it, hope this is the right spot

i recently got my ipod stolen, 30gb white ipod video.

most retarded thing ever in my life.

there are 2 sets of computer desks,

a|b a|b
a|b a|b
a|b a|b
a|b a|b
a|b a1|b
a|b a|b

kinda like that. where a is a computer with a mini desk, and same with b.

i was sitting at a1, and i go around to the other side where B is, the right side. there are only 8 ppl in the class so i didnt think anyone would do anything. i left it beside my keyboard and left for 5 mins to the other side.

it was the end of the day, and when i came back 5 mins later POOF it was gone. i was so [IMG]http://oldforums.overclock3d.net/oc3d_gfx/smilies/cussing.gif[/IMG][IMG]http://oldforums.overclock3d.net/oc3d_gfx/smilies/cussing.gif[/IMG][IMG]http://oldforums.overclock3d.net/oc3d_gfx/smilies/cussing.gif[/IMG][IMG]http://oldforums.overclock3d.net/oc3d_gfx/smilies/cussing.gif[/IMG]ing frustrated. told the teacher and principle but it is gone.

so im back and looking for a new pod. I want a small ipod, with lots of memory but cheap (HA i no :( )

the 8gb nano is out of the question since i want all my music on my pod (5,500 songs and 27gb aprox)

so the 80gb Classic is $260 and the 160 is $360, while the 16gb touch is $419 and the 32gb is $520.

How do you guys like youre touches? and is the classic 80gb thinner than the 30gb video?


23-04-2008, 17:50:47

Can`t believe there`s no strip search.

Personally I have 8 people to terrorize til I get justice and some vengence.

Theivary is one of the lowest of the lows.

23-04-2008, 18:05:21

I would of kicked up one hell of a s**t storm in the place!!!

23-04-2008, 19:24:15

i love my ipod touch, it is truely unscratchable :D

23-04-2008, 19:26:32

I have a classic and I am in complete love with it.
Much much thinner than the Ipod Video... I like touches, but I don't think they are worth it.

My Ipod plays my music so I want space not a touch screen.. PLUS NO GAMES! :o
How can you live with no solitaire?

Its up to you mate, but the classics are well priced and are darn sexy.

23-04-2008, 19:35:21

the touch is imposible to scratch, even with keys :D
and it looks soo cool
and it has enough storage if you get the 32 gig version
its just a nice thing
and the interface is revolutionary imo :)

23-04-2008, 19:55:57

get a touch you will not be disappointed. just wait till the new sdk comes out in june.



and im more than sure there more to come

27-04-2008, 12:18:19

i bought one of these last week
got it from an american base in germany for 130 dollar, not done anything with it yet, but it might be what ur looking for

27-04-2008, 13:49:15

leave the iGeneration and go for something worth buying

check out www.anythingbutipod.com for reviews/advice etc. and reason why to leave the crowd xD

27-04-2008, 13:54:18

iPod all the way. I have a touch myself and had the first generation Nano. Imo if you just want something just for listening to music then go for the Classic or the Nano.

I love my touch but it isn't the most practical thing to use when trying to flick through songs while working out or having your hands full because you have to slide the button after turning on the screen.

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