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"Microsoft has announced the price of their motion-sensor controller as well as a new 360 SKU."

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Microsoft has finally announced a price for their much-hyped motion-sensor control system, the Kinect.  Expected to hit stores some time this November, the system will come bundled with the basic Kinect Adventures game at a price of $149.99.

Also announced at this time is a new Xbox 360 console SKU.  This new version will be similar to the recently released Slim console, though rather than having a hard drive it will sport 4GB of flash memory as well as a matte finish instead.  Meant to replace the current entry-level Arcade version, this new Xbox 360 4GB hits the North American market on August 3rd at a price of $199.99.  A Kinect bundle is also planned, priced out at $299.99.

Unfortunately, Europe gets the usual price jump up, with a direct translation into Euros and close to for GBP.  The Kinect+Kinect Adventures pack prices in at £129.99/€149.99 while the 4GB console bundle will set you back £249.99/€299.99.  The 4GB console alone will come out on August 20th and gets the same treatment, coming in at £149.99/€199.99.

As with all releases, Microsoft has high hopes for their new bit of control technology.

"A lot of people have talked about this being the type of leap you would typically see when you went to a new generation," says Xbox product Director Aaron Greenburg.

"But the nice thing is we're able to bring that next generation experience to market this generation.

"We already have storage. We already have high definition gaming. We already have a connected online community. So adding the sensor to the experience enables us to unlock a whole new variety of games and entertainment. We're pretty optimistic this will provide multiple years of life to the current life cycle."

Also available at the November Kinect release will be an assortment of 15 titles.  These games (or at least the first-party ones) will come in at a $49.99 price point.

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Most Recent Comments

26-06-2010, 20:03:34

I Hunta x
Soooo i brought the Call of duty pack on steam as it was on sale for the price of COD4, (love the single player of the older COD games aswell) and ive been trying to play online but punkbuster has been being an utter :cussing: , i keep getting a message come up saying something along the lines of "kicked for disallowed program/driver [125120]" sometimes it takes a few mins others its within 5 secs of connecting, ive done a quick google and its thrown up a huge mass of reasons, some have said its things like fraps/xfire because of the overlay others have fixed it by driver updates, im just wondering if anyone has any real idea and can point me in the right direction, ive closed EVERYTHING except steam, my antivirus/firewall and shut down VMWare like i usualy do when playing games and thats still not helping.

Cheers in advance for anyone pointers.

If i cant fix it im going to kick myself for being stupid and buying something that uses punkbuster as i royaly hate it.

27-06-2010, 03:18:58

It's an application which is running in the back. Things like Norton, Skype, Spotify, AVG, spyware apps, rivatuner and try updating to latest drivers.

If all fails, create a new user account.

27-06-2010, 07:07:49

indd punkbuster is shocking and tbh all half decent cheats such as x22 bypass it make it pointless, i use to get that everynow and then when i connected but then if i reconnected it would be fine, you tried manually updating pb?

27-06-2010, 10:57:11

I Hunta x
Manual update was the first thing i did, my mate told me it was the steam overlay that was causing it for him when he nipped round to pick up his monitor up 15 mins ago, he uses the same antivirus/firewall, fraps ext and turning off the steam overlay fixed it so ill probably give it a quick try while im trying to decide to nip to the pub and catch the second half of the footy, ill post back with if that works or not.

27-06-2010, 11:18:13

I Hunta x
Yep it turned out is was the steam overlay, i rebooted left everything i could think of open and just disabled the overlay and it worked for a full game, 20-5 on my first game on pc, not bad tbh considering the only shooter ive played in ages on the pc is tf2.

30-06-2010, 12:06:15

think your ping should have played a big paryt in that as well, :)

30-06-2010, 13:10:24

I Hunta x
I NEVER have anywere near 10 ping in games sadly :(, on uk servers i average around 75-100 and on rest of world 125-175. Even playing Operation Flashpoint earlyer with my mate we were on 50-75 ping and we were sat 5 feet apart (me host he joins for ranked co-op story), i used to get 40ish ping on eu servers on most games back when i was on 2 meg, god knows why its gone so down hill, only thing i can guess is i was using a network card on that old machine.. but i doubt it would affect it that much.

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