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As you may or may not know - IDNET are one of our main sponsors. They are kind enough to provide all of our hosting needs.

We really appreciate IDNET for doing this for us and we want to make sure that our members are aware of the excellent services they provide.

A lot of us have our home broadband with IDNET (including myself) and I can say that without doubt they are the single best ISP I have ever used

The quality of service is awesome with my pings to UK servers always being the lowest on the server. Download speeds are far in excess of anything I have ever had on any other ISP - especially since the launch of their


Of course we cannot talk about IDNET without mentioning their 1st Class Customer Service. With a response time tending to be measured in seconds for urgent problems with your broadband they really are second to none.

Overclock3D is proud of its standards and we believe in only recomending products of the highest quality. I would not hesitate to recommend IDNET to anyone who needs a broadband connection, Broadband Business solution, Webdesign Solution and pretty much any Web solution you are looking for from an ISP.

They offer:

* Web Development
* Broadband
* Mobis XTnd Content Management
* SecureMail
* Secure Hosting Solutions

Customer Feedback from actual users of IDNET on the Forum:

"I have just been connected everything seems great up to press as fast if not faster then plus net, to be honest idnet are a joy to deal with i wish all companies where still run like them."

"I had an initial problem with the hardware I bought for the connection. Rang IDNET's tech support line out-of-hours and left a message for them to ring me back. They rang me back in under 2minutes!"


Check out the feedback for IDNET on our Forums here

So if you're looking for an ISP the go check IDNET out. You will NOT regret it

Go check out IDNET Here

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04-06-2007, 13:52:31

I get hayfever and normally just take tablets which don't work 50% of the time :( I was looking at those new nasal things.

Nasal Douche/ Nasal Irrigating Salt Pounds/ Nasal spray
Regular cleansing of the nose can help to wash out pollen and keep the nasal cavity well irrigated. This treatment contains a mixture of mineral salts tailored to the needs of the nasal mucus membrane. Valuable minerals and sodium bicarbonate gently loosen trapped secretions and soothe the nasal mucous membrane. Due to its natural composition, it is safe to use this nasal spray over a longer period of time.
Emcur Natural Healthcare - £17.90 for all three
For more information visit

Window-filta allergen screen
This polyester microfilament screen can be fitted across windows or sliding doors to keep out dirt, pollen and the smallest insects, while allowing air to flow in. It is designed to permit asthma and hayfever sufferers to sleep with their windows open allowing a free passage of air. Window-filta fits neatly to your open window and traps pollen, fungal spores, floating seeds, diesel particulates, dust and insects, letting only fresh air in. Each Window-filta will fit a window up to 120x60cm or can be cut to fit smaller openings. Fits 30cm hinged toplights when cut in half.
Window Filta - £19.99 (incl VAT and postage)
For more information call 0161 998 1 999 or visit

NasalAir Guard
These filters fit neatly inside the nose and prevent pollen, airborne allergens and pollutants from entering while, it is claimed, allowing the wearer to breathe normally. Made from soft clear plastic, each filter gives 24 hours of continuous use and can be worn while asleep.
NasalAir Guard - £7 for pack of 10 filters (£1.95 sample box)
For more information visit

LG Vacuum Cleaner
A Vacuum cleaner which turns dust into solid blocks. The Compressor is a bag-less vacuum that compresses dust into two tightly compact cubes, this prevents dust from escaping, even when emptying - so great for allergy sufferers. It's also been independently tested and was found to collect four times as much dust in comparison with similar bag-less vacuums. It has a HEPA filter; ensuring 99.5-99.95% of dust particles passing through the cleaner are retained. Has received British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.
LG Allergy Care Compressor -£199.99
Call 0870 873 5454 to find nearest stockist

MyairZone is a personal and pocket sized ionisers which is designed to clear pollen, dust and other allergens from the air. It works by charging air molecules with a negative electric charge, turning them into negative ions. These in turn latch on to airborne allergens such as pollen, rendering them harmless. MyairZone is approved by BUPA and the British Lung Foundation. It works as both an air purifier and ioniser. Suitable for all ages. It is Drug-free and there no known side-effects. MyairZone is small enough to fit in a pocket when not in use.
MyairZone - £99.50
For more call 08450946189 or order online at

Alternatively you can telephone 0845 003 1500 / order online at

Daikin Siesta 7FS Flash Streamer
This device filters pollen, dust, smoke, bacteria viruses and exhaust fumes from the air. It contains a plasma ioniser that positively charges pollen particles, which are then removed by the negatively charged electrostatic dust filter. Weighing 19lb, the unit can be moved around the house, and is suitable for any room up to 516 sq ft. It can filter up to 14,800 cubic feet an hour.
Daikin Siesta - £359
For more information visit or call 01483 252240

Freshlight Air Purifying Light Bulbs
This energy saving light bulb with negative ion generator clears the air of allergens. An ingenious ioniser built into the bulb emits 3.5million negative ions per cubic centimetre every second it is switched on, removing dust, mould spores, smoke, pet dander and pollen over a 3 metre square area so quickly you can almost see the particles disappearing. The benefits of breathing ionized air also include enhanced quality of sleep, improved concentration and alertness, skin condition, mood and sense of wellbeing.
Freshlight light blubs - From £14.95
Available from or by calling 08707 455002

This treatment is applied to the bottom of the nostrils. It traps the pollen before it gets in. If there’s no pollen in your system, you don’t get a runny nose, itchy eyes or the other hayfever symptoms. HayMax is an organic drug-free pollen barrier balm. No drugs means it’s great for children, pregnant and breast feeding mothers, and anyone else who’d had enough of hayfever and the side effects of drug based remedies.
Haymax - £6.95 for 5ml
Visit or call 01525 406600 for details of stockists or to order online.

MicroAirScreen® re-usable Face Mask
This re-usable mask with MicroAirScreen® filtration either indoors or out. The medical grade micro monofilament material has precision micropore openings which keep out airborne particles, dust, dirt, pollen and pet allergens. Unlike cotton or silk which entrap and hold pollen and particles, remains efficient as it does not clog up and lose filtration. The material also does not degrade or support bacterial growth.
MicroAirScreen® masks - £12.95
Available from or by calling 08707 455002

Wraparound anti-pollen eye protection
Wide-view wrap-around spectacles to protect eyes from pollen. Economical single polycarbonate scratch resistant lens meets the latest European safety standard. These are good for mowing the lawn or driving with the window down. Who cares about funny looks from other drivers if you can breathe in comfort! - £3.99
Available from or by calling 08707 455002

04-06-2007, 13:55:21

its best to just close all your windows, get a large supply of canned foods (+ canopener), jump in the shower and remain there for the duration of summer. this method also has the advantage of remaining clean 24 hours a day.

alternatively, any of the above methods are also an option.

and btw, tim already smokes (naughty boy)

04-06-2007, 13:55:39

:o Shhhhhh

Yeah might go to the doctors when my tablets run out. It gets expensive when you add it all up. Maybe ill just have to become even more of a css addict and stay inside :(

04-06-2007, 13:56:47

If you can get honey from a fairly local bee farm and take a spoonfull every day it will eventually stop it for good.

You can get devices which you put up your nose which use electricity to paralyze the receptors for like a day (reusable of course) or this stuff which works the same way as vaseline in your nose does except it has a static charge so is more effective.

Edit: oops just read Equk's post lol

04-06-2007, 13:57:16

I found the product I was looking at:

It's called medinose and is meant to work, uses some sort of infra-red technology or something :)

Medinose heralds a breakthrough in the way hayfever and allergies are treated. Using photo therapy (light therapy) medinose can practically eliminate allergic symptoms such as congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, and headaches within a couple of weeks of use.

Each treatment session with the Medinose takes just approx. 4.5 minutes 2-3 times a day. The Medinose can be used anywhere: at home, on the move or at work. With severe symptoms, treatment can be repeated several times without any side effects. As soon as the symptoms subside, the number of treatments can be reduced. The Medinose is, however, also suitable for prevention.

I've seen the newer version on ebay for £48 or something, still a lot of money to pay. Might save that much in a year of paying for allergy tablets tho.

edit: found it on ebay for £48 incl delivery from medinose_uk

04-06-2007, 13:59:14


04-06-2007, 14:01:33


£60 delivered.

n1 :)

might look into getting one, altho my hayfever hasn't been that bad this year.

I knew someone in school who was allergic to something like 80% of the different pollens :( he had some sort of test at the doctors to see what kind of pollen effected him as he was unable to take any drugs for it.

edit: found it on ebay for £48 incl delivery from medinose_uk

05-06-2007, 06:14:30

I've found morning and evening nasal irrigation with a neti pot (don't use a metal one with sharp edges!) alleviates the symptoms somewhat.
Travelling home from work on an air conditioned train is surprisingly the best relief I get.
If my sinuses get blocked up, I sometimes put a small bit of the very hot chilli sauce on my food for a couple of weeks and find that this is much kinder than sprays/tablets.

05-06-2007, 06:18:48


edit: found it on ebay for £48 incl delivery from medinose_uk

OOOO im so tempted, hayfever is bad right now and its only 11.20am and ive been outside for about 5 mins :(

05-06-2007, 06:28:22

I find a nice helping of Dijon mustard or horsraddish on toast helps congestion nicely.

I told my mum about that light bulb and she went into our storage room and came out with a big air filter thingy with a de-ioniser built into it :D

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