Google backs 'white space' wi-fi

"Google is pressing the US government to allow the unlicensed frequencies of TV "white space" to be used for wi-fi. "

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Google backs 'white space' wi-fi: 


Google have sent a letter to US government backing the idea of filling the "White Space" with Wireless internet. "White Space" is an unused space between American analogue TV frequencies which google thinks it should be utilized for wire-less internet for everyone. Below is a part of the letter:


"The vast majority of viable spectrum in this country simply goes unused, or else is grossly underutilised," wrote Google's Richard Whitt in the letter.

"Unlike other natural resources, there is no benefit to allowing this spectrum to lie fallow," he added.

In the past TV companies have opposed using this "White Space" because they think it will interfere with the aired programming. Google counter this by urging the FCC to take up a series of overlapping technologies designed to stop the signals from interfering with each other.
Google have said a device that will use the "White Space" could be on the market by the end of 2009. Other countries around the world are also looking into using the wasted "White Space".
Good plan from Google? I think it is a very clever idea. Care to share your opinion? Visit our Forums.
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Most Recent Comments

22-03-2008, 11:03:55

muahaha mine has finished downloading but I cant play until Tuesday :(

25-03-2008, 15:49:50

This game is awesome :D. Your being shot from a enemy hiding behind a wall so you grenade launch the wall then kill them :)

It's a bit like Call Of Duty 4, has a ranking system and you get 1 credit every rank in which you can unlock weapons.

25-03-2008, 20:40:28

I am in love with this game, was a bit nasty earlier when the demand was too high but now that everything has calmed down the game runs sweet and the gameplay is very addictive.

You will be sniping behind what you think is cover when someone comes along with a rocket launcher and reshapes the map.

I recommend to all!

25-03-2008, 21:14:50

shame they changed it to 360 only,was looking forward to this on the pc tbh

26-03-2008, 12:40:05

It was console only from the day it was announced wasnt it :confused:

26-03-2008, 14:17:10


It was console only from the day it was announced wasnt it :confused:

nope it was pc only when it was first announced, i remember seeing it on about two years ago

26-03-2008, 14:38:55

It is a shame.. console FPS suck arse.
Oh Ill aim at him... Woops.. Oh right yeah, an analogue stick. :rolleyes:

26-03-2008, 14:56:19

and the infamous "auto-aim" which is console only

26-03-2008, 15:32:24


and the infamous "auto-aim" which is console only

Makes me sick! :(

26-03-2008, 16:22:24

Yeah I never really liked FPS games on a console.. Don't have enough control as you do with a mouse.

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