Eleven Foxconn workers leap from high buildings in a spate of suicide attempts - nine fatally.

"Eleven of Foxconn’s workers at their plants in China have attempted suicide by jumping from buildings this year. Nine of them succeeded and two survived."

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Eleven Foxconn workers leap from high buildings in a spate of suicide attempts, nine fatally.

I’m sure most of you reading this post will have some idea who Foxconn are. They’re the Chinese manufacturer responsible for near enough everything technology related, from motherboards to iPhones. What you may not know about is what goes on in their plants. This year alone there have been 11 attempted suicides by Foxconn employees, 9 of them successful.

The latest suicide happened when a worker plunged from the top of a four-storey building in the south China town of Shenzhen on Friday, the same day the death of another Foxconn worker earlier this year at a north China plant was revealed.

Nan Gang, a 21-year-old man, climbed to the top of a factory building in Foxconn's industrial complex in Longhua Township and fell to his death at 4:37 a.m., said Huang Jianwei, a spokesman of the Bao'an Police Station, of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.

The same day, the district government of Anci in Langfang City, Hebei Province, confirmed that Rong Bo, a 19-year-old man, jumped off the dormitory building in the Langfang plant on Jan. 8.

A female worker, 16-year-old Wang Lingyan, was found dead of natural causes on her dormitory bed on Feb. 23 in the Langfang plant.

"I think the problems lay with the workers," says Zeng Hongling, a workmate of Lu Xin, 24, who was the seventh person to kill himself this year. "Lu was too eager to be successful and lost his way later after seeing how hard it is to get rich quickly."

Of Foxconn's 800,000 employees in China, 420,000 are based in Shenzhen, where they work different shifts and live in a massive factory complex.

Talking and phone calls are strictly banned during work hours and workers are not allowed to leave production lines unless the line supervisor temporarily takes their place, says Foxconn employee Cheng Lin.

The repetition of identical production procedures with little technical content for long hours every day, and the military-style management dehumanize workers, said industrial relations expert Liu Kaiming, of the Shenzhen-based Institute of Contemporary Observation (ICO).

It’s hard to know what to say about this really.

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04-05-2010, 08:44:18

Hi Guys, Firstly thankyou to everyone that has given advise. I have done what everyone has suggested and I am now stable at 4.1GHZ with Prime 95 running for 24hrs. The maximum temp report (and I was very impressed) was 49deg on both cores.

I am 1 very happy overclocker atm. Thank again EVERYONE!.

04-05-2010, 10:26:32

was you not stable at 4.1 before?

your temps seem good,try and keep them around 60-65c FULL load,so you are ok ATM
you should be able to reach 4.4-4.5Ghz once you have lowerd ur RAM

04-05-2010, 22:41:31

Hi Guys

For Crucial Ballistics DDR2 800, how do i change the timings and what setting would you suggest. The Mobo is a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P.

04-05-2010, 23:20:25

I Just realised that the RAM setting in the BIOS was on 'Extreme'. I just changed it to 'Standard' and things seem more stable.

05-05-2010, 15:59:10

There should be an area called Memory Timings. Make sure you set them to your RAMs timings. There should be a sticker on the ram that tells you the timings.

06-05-2010, 03:31:07

Very nice OC mate. You might even be able to push a little more out of it. I've got an e8400 running at 4.2ghz in a HTPC case. So providing you've got a fairly good chip and cooling the sky is the limit :)

06-05-2010, 09:47:43

Hi Jim, Thanks for that. Thanks to everyone that has replied to my post. Much appreciated. I am pretty happy with the overclock. Steve-O, I have confirmed in the bios that the memory timings are a perfect match 4-4-4-12 2.0V.

Thanks again guys.

06-05-2010, 19:30:34

Wow big deal you got it to 4.1Ghz, pretty much everyone can get it up to that :P its quite easy on the 8400! Its a really good overclocker.

Good job though.

07-05-2010, 05:30:57

dont flame him dude,evryone can get to certain levels and find some things easy and some things more harder

07-05-2010, 06:11:06

It wasn't intended like that.

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