BT to Offer 20Mbps Bandwidth Upgrade for Free

"British Telecom is working on the final details of the upgrade of its broadband lines, which should boost the internet bandwidth for millions of customers to up to 20Mbps."

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BT to Offer 20Mbps Bandwidth Upgrade for Free
British Telecom is working on the final details of the upgrade of its broadband lines, which should boost the internet bandwidth for millions of customers to up to 20Mbps. The upgrade will come without any additional cost burden for the customers.
Earlier in the year, BT Broadband announced plans of upgrading all its lines to the next generation ADSL2+ technology. With the upgrade now ready to move into implementation phase, the ISP will be in a position to provide increased bandwidth to about 40% of its clients this year, with another 15% being added by March 2010.
The free upgrade offer is not exactly without its conditions though; BT Broadband plans to have existing customers sign an additional 12-months contract before they can enjoy higher speeds. And while the upgraded bandwidth sounds good, it does not match the ISP’s original announcement of providing up to 24Mbps.
In addition to this increase in internet speeds, the company is also beginning the trials of its new 40Mbps fibre optic based internet service. The trials will however, only be limited to Whitchurch, South Wales, and Muswel Hill areas of London for now. 40% of the firm’s existing and new customers can expect to be offered this experimental bandwidth in the next year.
Making the official announcement, Gavin Patterson, CEO of BT Retail said, “Unlike other providers, BT is upgrading customers to 20Mbps for free. High-speed broadband provides a faster and more reliable service that will transform the way we live, work, learn and play.” 
While speed is being upgraded for some customers, those with the lowest broadband packages will continue to receive limited bandwidth of just 1Mbps in peak hours for checking out iPlayer and YouTube. According to BT Broadband, the reduced speed as well as the download limits of 10GB and 20GB will also continue for such customers.
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31-05-2009, 01:18:57

Just read this post and im fighting with myself not to do something about it!

Its in Off Topic chat.

is bebo on drugs or some think.?
I just whent 2 bebo 2 sine up with them coz i have some good m8s on there i no, and when i try 2 setup a user name in the the sine up page and put my Full name in all it keeps saying is pleases use your full name ???
I just typet it n all it keeps saying is use your full Name all the dam time!
I,v tryed typeing it with no space inbetren and still get no where.
And with caps 2.

I vote bebo are poo what do you think is any one haveing the same problem as me on there.?

I know we have kids on here but thats just unacceptable!
Arrrgh help me i cant stand it :mad:

Not going to delete / modify it until i get your feedback, jesus, he's writing a forum post not a sodding text to a Chav mate!

Anyway going back to my pipe and slippers and watching Antiques roadshow :(

31-05-2009, 06:07:31

Either that or some one old trying to pretend to be young! LOL

we so need a spell check on the forum and a text/net speak filter

31-05-2009, 06:20:46

Please move it into the mod hut mate, it's terrible

31-05-2009, 06:57:12

Ive sent him a little Pm saying welcome and please refrain.. if he suffers from dyslexia etc i've offered to mod / check the posts for him.
If he takes offence then i personally do not feel its a great loss to oc3d.

Heres a copy of the PM, hope this is ok with you chaps, if not ill have to tear my eyeballs out if i have to read any more posts like that!!

Welcome from OC3D
Hello and welcome to the OC3D forums,
we hope you enjoy your stay with us and appreciate the posts and interactions with the community members you've made so far.

One thing we would like to correct is the way in which you write your posts.
Please could you refrain from writing in text speak and abbreviations, as we are not a texting service.

Whilst we are very laid back and have far, far less rules and regulations than most forums, a few more seconds typing the full word, rather than two letters to make a word would be appreciated.
If you have a disability such as dyslexia we can correct these posts for you, as we do not discriminate against disabilities in any way. Feel free to PM me if this is the case.

Thanks for your time.
OC3D mod team.

31-05-2009, 12:24:02

hmm hes replied in a really adult manner so if its ok with you guys ill impose a ban.

whats the piont just din of my user name cant be chued any more

can some one translate?
It might just be me??

31-05-2009, 12:41:46

Delete his user ID he's asking possibly?

I wonder if he's above the age of 12?

31-05-2009, 12:52:43

I in all honesty cant make head nor tale of that...

31-05-2009, 12:55:11

Sod it, ive wiped his posts and banned for 7 days to save me the chew of looking about for what he's up too!

It's getting like a kindergarten just lately! My three year old could make better posts than some of them.

31-05-2009, 17:16:25

Aye fook knows what that was meant to say. Those type of posts wind me the **** up

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