Bluetooth 3.0 Coming Next Week

"According to a report by technology portal Dvice, Bluetooth 3.0 specification is likely to be released by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) on 21st April."

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Bluetooth 3.0 Coming Next Week

According to a report by technology portal Dvice, Bluetooth 3.0 specification is likely to be released by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) on 21st April. The new specification will bring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi together.

Bluetooth is today one of the most popular wireless options, finding wide use in wireless printing, streaming music and variety of other applications. Bluetooth specifications have regularly been upgraded by the Bluetooth SIG and the release of Bluetooth 3.0 is part of these upgrades.

The portal reported that the upgrade will bring additional speed and features that make Bluetooth more usable and reliable compared to the present 2.0/2.1 specifications. Bluetooth 3.0 will come with Enhanced Power Control (EPC), which is expected to reduce incidences of disconnection from events like placing the Bluetooth enabled device in your pocket.

The new upgrade also has Generic Alternate MAC/PHY (AMP) which will allow Bluetooth profiles to connect with Wi-Fi and take advantage of 802.11 speeds. The Generic AMP can also be used with an 802.11 radio.

In a statement, the Bluetooth BIG said, “Transferring an entire music library, a complete DVD, a vacation’s worth of photos, all within seconds at the touch of a button and wirelessly will now be possible.”

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Most Recent Comments

28-05-2009, 11:57:31

That sucks mate... You gonna try and get the part elsewhere?

28-05-2009, 13:02:15

Mate you cant give up now've put waaaay too much work to quit. I just picked up on this thread and i am personally amazed at the detail and patience you have displayed.

Im sure you will find a way around this problem. GL man...

28-05-2009, 13:04:30

You must continue, I demand you! :wavey:

28-05-2009, 13:10:49


you must continue, i demand you! :wavey:


28-05-2009, 14:09:31

The CP has been drilled to accept the PCB as well as the leds. Problem is with out the part im left with a gaping hole in the cp.

Ive basicly been fubar over this. To have a spectrum analyser made it going to cost in access of £100+ Wich is way over my buget not to mention to 300 Leds i have all ready bought and the 100 RGB leds (cost a small fortune).

So basicly ill have to re do the whole CP which is alot of work. Plus there is no way i can get this done in time to show at a arcade convention which i all ready forked out for.

It will probs be finished another time but for the moment i cannot be bothered due to these problem and the amount of work i have to re do. All so i cannot afford to re do the Cp atm so its just going to have to sit as a ornament for the moment.

07-06-2009, 13:49:49

Well in the back ground of all the mishaps ive managed to get my self a water cooling get together for a total of £68.00 thks to people such as tiny tom.

So far i have a

XSPC 1x (2 x 120mm) Rad
XSPC Delta V3 CPU Waterblock
2 x Res from TT (will be upgrading to 2 loops eventually)
12V Laing DDC1+ Ultra 18W (MCP355) (was damaged but got it working for free)
2 x Metal 120mm Silver Fans and Shroud for the rad.
1 x Old style 240 V 1/2" Pump (will use that on second loop once i get a rad for it)
1 x Criti Cool for the old pump
1 x DD Maze 3 CPU Block
1 x DD Maze 3 Chipset block
1 x DD VGA Block
2 x meters of tubing.

Don't know yet if the DD blocks will be of any use but there were free so i cannot complain. If i can get them to fit on my 8800 GT with Sinks for the ram ill be sorted.

Just need another bargain rad and ill have my cheap duel water loop system. But cannot complain since all that kit has cost me no more than £68.00 inc delivery.

09-06-2009, 09:22:23

Bit more work.

I managed to get a couple of New boards there not as good as what i wanted but they will do the tick.

First we have the basic components layed out


The we solder them in and here are a few pics along the way ->


That's 1 UV meter ready. Both have been built but ill be fitting them another time as im out of cash for the moment lol and need to get some other parts.

As for the water cooling pics this is what i have so far.


As said before all parts are second hand on the water cooling side as is the PC but hay we all cannot get stuff given or discounted even when we try. Thks goes out to the members who are helping me get this all together though with out your help this would not be possible.

16-06-2009, 21:58:01

A few more updates (just small ones)

Lapped the cpu block and all so the q6600 just two pictures in progress shots


CPU Loop being cleaned and water leak testing on the work top. Im testing the kit with a 12v power supply so need need to use a PC power Supply at all wich is good.


This whole loop has cost no more than £70 to put together from second hand parts.

Im still working on building the GFX card loop again most of the parts will be second hand but im not to far off.

Once all fitted the PC will be slightly over clocked but the main case for the cooling is to keep the whole system quiet and running cool.

17-06-2009, 01:54:38

I Hunta x
starting to shape up, nice work getting all that kit for under £70 aswell (y)

19-08-2009, 13:53:27

Mayhem edit

Im not longer going to be working on this any more ....

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