Bigfoot Networks Launches 'Killer Xeno'

"Latest Killer NIC's announced, with some improvements and new features."

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2nd Gen. Gaming NIC Cards Launched

The new Killer Xeno gaming NIC'sBigfoot Networks have announced the latest version of their gaming network interface card, the Killer Xeno, in a press release. Following on from their success with the Killer NIC, Bigfoot have made some improvements and added some new features to the new card, including more memory, an upgraded network processing unit (NPU), and integrated audio for hardware-accelerated voice-chat. The voice chat acceleration was one of the most requested features for the Killer Xeno, and Bigfoot have worked in partnership with those responsible for TeamSpeak and Vivix to get it right. The Xeno will also be able to utilise the open source 'Mumble' application.

The cards are pretty flexible in design, allowing 3rd parties and OEM system builders to utilise add in boards (AIB's), and quite a few big names will be featuring the Xeno within their gaming PC's. Dell will be using them in their Alienware range. Here's what Alienware's senior vice president and general manager, Frank Azor, had to say:

“The worldwide online gaming market is rapidly growing, and with more gaming customers come more customer requests, demands and needs. Alienware works to stay ahead of the curve and Bigfoot Networks helps us do this. The Bigfoot Networks’ Killer Xeno gives us the proven technology needed to guarantee customers’ ultimate online gaming experience."

Key features of the Killer Xeno include:
  • PCIe interface: provides for higher throughput.
  • Killer Xeno NPU: dedicated smart packet processor for all network operations, ensures the delivery of time-sensitive data like game control and VoIP.
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with all games.
  • Windows network stack bypass: provides for direct to game interrupts.
  • Integrated audio chip: offloads VoIP operations to Killer Xeno NPU for “hiccup-free” voice communications while gaming.
  • On board RAM (256 MB/Ultra and 128/Pro): enables applications such as firewall, VoIP chat and bandwidth control to run on the card simultaneously with no system performance degradation.
  • Firewall: stops intruders with zero gaming performance impact.
  • Based on robust Linux iptable implementation.
  • Bandwidth control: prioritize network traffic for each application by setting bandwidth priorities and max/min limits through a simple interface.
  • Onboard status display: Xeno Ultra model includes a customizable LED display for caller ID, network statistics, game information or any user-customized messages.
There will be two flavours of Killer Xeno, the Killer Xeno Ultra sporting 256MB of on-board ram and an on-board Status Display. The Killer Xeno Pro has 128MB of on-board RAM. Both models include audio processing for VoIP chat. Prices are set at $129.99 for the Pro and $179.99 for the Ultra. They should both be available by May.

You can visit the Killer Xeno product pages for more information. You can also discuss the new Killer Xeno in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

17-03-2009, 13:36:16

Iv been given a ex-98 computer (now on tinyxp) to upgrade...first thing on the list is a ethernet pci card...they should all work? I was gonna get a £5 one off ebuyer

Now the agp card cant be detected by xp (intel i740) as its old im guessing...but i dont really wanna upgrade this much as its on a intel pentium 2 proccy..

I stuck a 128mb sdram stick in with the 64mb stick which should boost it a bit..

any ideas? iv only got £50 to play with (inc labour / profits)

17-03-2009, 13:42:10

What's the mobo model?

17-03-2009, 13:42:44

Hehe.. gut it and put something like an atom mobo in. Think they are around 50 quid and likely better/faster than what is already in there.

17-03-2009, 13:44:48

sorry the intel i740 is an agp card if thats why you wanted the mobo model

so ideally i need at least £20 profit from this (shall ring later to find out if the £50 is inclusive of all charges)

deffo need that £5 ethernet (all pci fit older pcs right?) card

need to sort graphics

128 + 64mb ram shud be enough for simple browsing, office and 2d games?

17-03-2009, 13:46:35

There really is very little worth doing.

Maybe grab somting like [URL="|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318"]this[/URL] + some DDR.

I'd tell this kind person to go way, save up £100-150 and you can get a core 2 based celly, cheap G3/4x board and 1 or 2GB of DDR2 for that. Which will help a whole lot more.

If you get really stuck I might be able to help out with some parts I've taken out of machines I've upgraded with said kit, drop me a PM if it come to that.

17-03-2009, 13:58:00


sorry the intel i740 is an agp card if thats why you wanted the mobo model

so ideally i need at least £20 profit from this (shall ring later to find out if the £50 is inclusive of all charges)

deffo need that £5 ethernet (all pci fit older pcs right?) card

need to sort graphics

128 + 64mb ram shud be enough for simple browsing, office and 2d games?

I was asking so we could see what upgrade options were open to you. You could increase the performance within that budget, but you wouldn't make very much for yourself. Sourcing older parts can be a real ballache too.

17-03-2009, 14:44:24

All PCI cards should work, I doubt it but it might only have PCI-X or that really old brown expansion, forgot the name, well old!
Some cheap RAM, P2s will be impossible to find these days, and probably not worth getting a new GPU as I guess the CPU will bottleneck everything. As said come back with £150 and try for a cheap ass PC, I am sure I made one for £120 ex. OS. Id did have a pen drive as HDD though :p

17-03-2009, 18:05:30

Ham may have some old parts

Donations are welcome. Could do with some spares etc. (working order lol)

17-03-2009, 18:08:19

Will be testing as soon as I can actualy stand in front my workbench.

Theses 4 cases in the way atm :mad:

24-03-2009, 18:21:06

(Y) ty

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