Arctic Cooling Releases Arctic GC Pro

"Arctic Cooling expands its horizons with the release of an all-in-one game console."

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Over the past few months, cooling solution manufacturer Arctic Cooling has been expanding its horizons, releasing sets of earbuds and batteries (+ chargers).  Now it seems they have set their sights on yet another new market: console gaming.

Arctic Cooling has announced the release of a new all-in-one gaming console, the Arctic GC Pro.  Featuring 48 built-in games ranging from sports games to puzzle games, the GC Pro aims to provide for all ages.  Graphics are provided by 32-bit 3D processor for 3D imaging to enhance the overall gaming experience.  Another interesting feature is the ability to run on battery power, allowing users to play on the go should their vehicle come equipped with a TV.

The GC Pro comes with a pair of very Wii-like motion controllers, complete with various attachments for the sports games.  Also included is a normal wireless gamepad.  A 2-year warranty completes the package, which will retail for €39.90/$57.90.

Expanding one's horizons is all well and good, but Arctic Cooling seems to be choosing some odd directions to go towards.  Still, priced as it is, the GC Pro does appear to provide a fair bit of value and could do well in the family market.

For for info, check out the product page here.

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Most Recent Comments

22-01-2010, 05:31:39

WC Annihilus
"Users have reported that they have lost their ability to overclock their Nvidia cards upon installing the most recent Nvidia drivers."

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22-01-2010, 06:10:23

o well least evga has got on the ball thats all i use anywaybut why just the shader on the most common/used software

22-01-2010, 10:22:40

I have my gpu overcloced through its bios and the only problem I have is my gpu is running 10c hotter in idle than it used to with this new driver.

22-01-2010, 11:53:15

I haven't had any problems. Mine has a huge overclock from the original factory settings. It's running fine too. But with 64bit drivers :D

25-01-2010, 09:20:17

I heard rumours that the very latest EVGA precision deely can still clock with these drivers... Also, nvflash and nibitor still work perfectly to flash clocks...tested on 7_64_ult_rtm and a gtx260...

EDIT: just read the original post again. indeed, EVGA are on the ball...

25-01-2010, 09:25:20

Yup the heading for the news article is a little bit misleading. It doesnt kill overclocking fully and the new Precision 1.9.1 works with the driver. (The heading should have been New driver kills software overclocking)

25-01-2010, 09:27:35

WC Annihilus
It's not too surprising BIOS overclocks are working fine. If it is as W1zzard says and just some IDs changed incorrectly, the software applications are simply having problems taking their readings properly. "Hardcoded" clocks in the BIOS wouldn't be affected.

Edit: Yes perhaps the heading is a bit misleading and I apologize for that. But isn't it the headline's job to hook you and get you to actually read the news? (yes poor excuse, but I had to say it :p)

26-01-2010, 11:42:21

Is this going to be a common trend for eVGA? Currently I have the Videotek Radeon 4870 X2, but my last card was an eVGA 8800 GTS 512...and seeing how nVidia has taken the lead again I might upgrade in a year or two...and eVGA is a brand I trust.

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