ADATA Launches Micro-sized microReader version III

"Memory and flash memory products manufacturer ADATA technology today announced the release of their latest Micro Memory Card Reader."

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Memory and flash memory products manufacturer ADATA technology today announced the release of their latest Micro Memory Card Reader. Aptly named the microReader version III, the super compact device is an extremely stylish one that can be just as easy to misplace.

Memory cards have become the preferred medium of data storage in a number of devices, particularly mobile phones. For people on the move, memory-enable digital devices including mobile phones are indispensible. At the same time, they also need a proper medium for transferring the data stored on the memory cards to their notebooks or desktop systems. While most modern notebooks carry a multi-card reader slot, moving and sharing personal files from the memory card to a desktop can be a hassle if there is no USB cable available.

ADATA’s newest offering has the ability to remove this hassle. The new microReader version III is no larger than a small coin and weighs in at an astounding 3 grams – easily one of the smallest and lightest memory card readers currently available. Despite this, the reader comes equipped with its own USB connector, so users can easily plug it into any USB slot of a notebook or desktop computer.

With its ultra-compact size, the reader does not block any nearby ports, thereby keeping the system open for additional connections. In addition to ease of connectivity, the microReader version III is also equipped with a patented one-push card-ejector system that makes card retrieval easier than imagined.

Though extraordinarily attractive, the extra small size of the reader also means the reader can easily be misplaced. So ADATA has presented the microReader version III in two eye-catching colors – elegant black and passionate red, making it relatively simple to spot and remember. There is also a classy LED indicator on the device to let users know if the device is in use.

As if all of these features are not enough to attract buyers, ADATA has clubbed the new reader with its microSD/microSDHC memory cards to present a complete bundle. The combination instantly converts the microReader into an ultra-compact USB drive that lets users carry and share all the data they wish to quickly and efficiently.

While the product has already been listed on the ADATA website, there is no word of its availability or its price.

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ADATA microReader version III  
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Most Recent Comments

21-11-2010, 10:36:25

Im not sure about that dude but I will ask. Ive actually just got a V+ 100 aswell but Ill ask Monday. If the answer is yes Ill get another one ;)

21-11-2010, 11:09:06


Im not sure about that dude but I will ask. Ive actually just got a V+ 100 aswell but Ill ask Monday. If the answer is yes Ill get another one ;)

Thanks Tom :)

22-11-2010, 16:26:59

Have to say, I'm liking these new Kingston SSDs. 4K randoms are a bit dyer but other than that, there great. Regarding RAID, i think i read somewhere leaving them on idle for 15mins or so means GC kicks in still, but i wouldn't quote me on that. RAID is a dodgy area with SSDs.

22-11-2010, 16:43:38

It'd be logical that if garbage control works independent of the OS then RAID will also have no effect on it, just wondering if with striped data is it could mistake a stripe block as part of the redundant data. That's my question, and other than that I can see no reason why RAID would interfere with it.

A quick search and users report that before garbage control RAID 0 SSD's would degrade without TRIM as we know. Then post garbage control, through new drives or firmware users report that there is no degradation in performance apart from those attributed to having slightly full drives. So from those unofficial reports I'd say as long as they have independent garbage control then yes you can RAID them, bit of searching and the information is there. Just now there's a lot of people without GC or have read about things pre-GC bashing those who say it works in RAID and that can add to the confusion, but it seem it really does work.

22-11-2010, 18:36:52

Right the GC does work in raid. Ive got a second 256GB drive arriving tomorrow, its a bit busy atm but the first week or so in December we should have the review live.

23-11-2010, 07:43:19

Hmm this is all incredibly interesting. This I need to see :D

23-11-2010, 09:39:41

Thanks Tom, I'am looking forward to the review :D

23-11-2010, 11:43:24

Btw from what I've seen, for GC to be effective you have to leave the SSD's on. Meaning they need to be idle, but not not allowed to sleep or low power kinda thing so that GC will kick in and the length of time for GC to perform it's duty well depends on the amount of data on the drive and the amount of writes and deletes performed since the last GC but also on the aggressiveness of the GC that the card uses. If that makes sense.. so some cards to maintain optimum operation may require you to leave them idle for a whole night once a week, assuming your drive is 60% full and your daily use makes X writes and deletes etc. Then another card in the same scenario with a less aggressive GC might require 2 nights a week to keep everything tip top. This is just equivalence in time just to give an idea. Things average out if you leave them idle for lengths of time each day, but yea in RAID without TRIM just relying on GC then for GC to be fully effective it'll take time on idle :).

23-11-2010, 16:19:20

Very good to know for RAID! While GC does waste write cycles of the SSD, its better than nothing eh? :)

23-11-2010, 16:44:19

too many tom's getting confusing...

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