Viper Series Tri-Channel Memory Kits for Intel's X58 Express Chipset

"Patriot to release low-voltage tri-channel for Nehalem"

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Patriot's Viper series Tri-Channel Memory Kits: Low Voltages, Increased Bandwidths, Low Latencies Viper X58 modules
Renowned enthusiast memory manufacturer, Patriot, has announced low voltage memory modules for Intel's soon to be released Nehalem architecture. The Viper series Tri-Channel memory kits are available in both 3GB and 6GB kits, and come with the award winning Viper series heat shields. The Viper Tri-channel memory kits promise the perfect balance of speed and latency while achieving lower voltage requirements.
The Viper series Tri-Channel kits will also include Intel's® newest XMP settings for Core™ i7 processor based platforms. When enabled, XMP settings allow easy, uncomplicated overclocking on Intel's® X58 Express chipsets.
Patriot will also offer a 3GB and 6GB PC3-10666 1333MHz CL9 Tri-Channel kit for their Signature Line for entry level consumers looking to experience Intel's® newest platform. 
3GB PC3-12800 Viper Series Low Latency Tri-Channel Kit, 1600MHz (3 x 1GB) 8-8-8-24
6GB PC3-12800 Viper Series Low Latency Tri-Channel Kit, 1600MHz (3 x 2GB) 8-8-8-24
3GB PC3-12800 Viper Series Enhanced Latency Tri-Channel Kit, 1600MHz (3 x 1GB) 9-9-9-24
6GB PC3-12800 Viper Series Enhanced Latency Tri-Channel Kit, 1600MHz (3 x 2GB) 9-9-9-24
3GB PC3-10666 Viper Series Low Latency Tri-Channel Kit, 1333MHz (3 x 1GB) 7-7-7-20
6GB PC3-10666 Viper Series Low Latency Tri-Channel Kit, 1333MHz (3 x 2GB) 7-7-7-20
3GB PC3-10666 Viper Series Enhanced Latency Tri-Channel Kit, 1333MHz (3 x 1GB) 9-9-9-24
6GB PC3-10666 Viper Series Enhanced Latency Tri-Channel Kit, 1333MHz (3 x 2GB) 9-9-9-24
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Most Recent Comments

19-10-2008, 14:19:54

hey guys, can't decided so many of them lol..
i want a 280GTX :) not going down the 4870x2 route as dual gpu doesn't seem that big of a hit for me:(

i've seen a nice xfx xxx one which nice clocks, and the evga ones are nice just.. so overpriced to me?

now the big thing for also is.. that i want to watercool it... this is a pretty much MUST for me, i have the loop and setup and i hate the noise lol.
(not to mention the extra heat)

so yeah, i've seen a BFG one but have been told to avoid that by a dude at scan (nice to see some good customer advice) and the EVGA waterblocked card is INSANELY expensive :( so yeah i'm at a loss i dno where to go.

i'd rather have a pre-blocked card for warranty considerations since they're tightening up on them :( and all the nNidia failure rate stuff :(

so yeah.. any opinions? help?

cheers guys, much appreciated, you guys become quite a fountain of knowledge on these things i just can't keep up at times...

*just had a nice thought about using my current GTX as a physx slave card which will be nice*
(can u do that on an IP35Pro?) lol

oh also anyone want a physx card pre-waterblocked lol?

cheers again


19-10-2008, 15:07:52

Honestly, I don't understand why you wouldn't want to go for the 4870x2, it will beat your 280GTX idea in to the ground, it is a superior card.

I understand you want to get it water cooled, I wouldn't buy it pre blocked, it costs a lot more.. just be very careful when you apply your own block, also.. if you do happen to screw it up, make sure you peel off the *Warranty VOID If Removed* sticker so that you can put it back on and say that you NEVER took it off in the first place.. and within 7 days you will get a straight replacement any way ;) simple as that :boink:

19-10-2008, 15:14:26

To actually answer your question. The branding wont matter, all Nvid partners have to build their cards to a quality and do so.

The only real decider (for reference cards with reference coolers) is warranties and which one looks the best :p

19-10-2008, 18:00:45

i don't want to get the 4870x2 as much as it beast the 280, i like physx and have plenty of titles that use it, not to mention i already have an 8800 to use for physx now, make no sense for me to go ati/amd at this point

as for taking off the sticker and putting it back on, that doesn't always work, they can check all the cooling interface material and such, well that comes across that way on the websites anyway.

buying a pre-blocked card costs roughly the same as buying a decent clocked card and blocking it yourself except the warranty covers it? so it doesn't matter either way, i just want the warranty.

i haven't seen gainward 280's i must look that up actually

cheers for the replies guys

20-10-2008, 05:57:57

I think both Evga and XFX have modder friendly warranties afaik.. But, I've not bothered to check them that much..

I've had XFX cards since the 7900GTX xxx came out years ago.. i've had a few issues with one of the 7900gtx cards and my 8800gtx xxx in my old pc is having a few quirks.. (like too much factory oc), the 9800gx2 xxx cards I have have never failed, well, that's not entirely true, they have produced a few BSOD's, but nothing like my old 8800gtx..

Also, preblocked is too expensive, but as you say, then you don't have to monk about getting a block and breaking your card applying it... PC hardware is really more sturdy than ppl think, but.. if you're comfortable doing the mounting yourself (and you seem like a person with the right knowledge :D), I would get the card and buy a block of your own liking.

Depending on what you run I can reccomend aquacomputer blocks, they're really slim and will make your 280GTX a single slot instead of a dualslot..


20-10-2008, 06:34:18

i love aquacomputer gear, very slick, but i'm running a 1/2" loop with dangerden and ek currently so make sense to stick with an ek block (cheap and awesome blocks tbh)

thanks for the response mate i can't seem to find any warranty info on xfx there is a 'click to view' but no clicky lol, gonna check EVGA next :)

20-10-2008, 07:08:24

ok having looked it basically says this

For our retail Graphics Card and Mainboard products purchased on or after June 22, 2005, EVGA will provide a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of each retail product that the product will not suffer, in material or workmanship, from any defect that adversely affects the performance of the product. This limited lifetime warranty is valid for the life of the retail product, so long as the original purchaser owns the product, based upon the following conditions:

* All EVGA Products purchased ON or AFTER November 1, 2006 MUST be registered within 30 days from ORIGINAL DATE OF PURCHASE to receive limited lifetime warranty. (All products not registered within 30 days will ONLY receive a 1 year limited warranty.)
* Removal and or Defacing of Serial/Part number sticker(s) on ANY EVGA products WILL void ALL warranties.
* ALL Defective products sent in for RMA replacement MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL INVOICE / RECEIPT. (Products NOT including invoice/receipt will be returned to the customer at customers expense.)
* Limited Lifetime Warranty is for all retail Graphics Card and Mainboard products ending in the part numbers A1, A3, AR, AX, BR*, BX*, DR, DX, FR, FX, SG, SL, or S2.
* [Replacement products are shipped out as BR or BX and will carry the same limited lifetime warranty that your original purchase had based on your registration.]
** [The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to the inDtube product.]
* All retail Graphics Card and Mainboard products ending in the part number K1 receive a limited 3 year warranty when registered within 30 days from ORIGINAL DATE OF PURCHASE.
* There is no physical damage to the PCB, GPU/chipset, or components that are caused by: Damage due to improper installation, damage during modification of any kind, damage during any type of Aftermarket cooling installation, and water damage of any kind.

from that i can only deduce that as long as you don't actually damage it, you're covered?

thats pretty sweet

20-10-2008, 07:12:57

Ohh nice.. Just heard others say that xfx and evga have modder friendly warranties..


PS! 1/2" loop.. I really hate 1/2" ID loops, they're humongous.. had one, never again.. Performance was barely better than 8x1.. But, it's a matter of preference I guess :D

20-10-2008, 07:21:46

hehe i enjoy my 1/2" loop less kinks and more floooow :) its damn close to silent.. bloody hard drive hum lol...

yeah i'm quite impressed with evga here.. i might get one from them and then wait on the step up program too , that is a NICE idea also :) (can we do that in the UK?)

cheers for the pointer to the warranty bubba, reps :)

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