Samsung develops 4Gb DDR3 Chip

"Samsung develops 4Gb DDR3 Chip"

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Samsung announces it has developed the Worlds first 4Gb DDR3 chip.

Official Press ReleaseSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced a breakthrough in high density RAM chips. Using a 50nm process they have managed to create a 4Gb chip. Primarily designed for server applications, the benefits of this high density RAM will soon find their way into desktop PCs.

Designed from the outset to be a low-powered, green solution to the ever expanding RAM needs of users, these chips operate at a low 1.35 volts. With a maximum speed of 1.6 Gbps and the potential for 32GB modules, these are at the peak of RAM technology.

Samsungs Vice-President of Technical Marketing, Kevin Lee said :

We have leveraged our strength in innovation to develop the first 4Gb DDR3, in leading the industry to higher DRAM densities, By designing our 4Gb DDR3 using state-of-the-art 50-nm class technology, we are setting the stage for what ultimately will result in significant cost-savings, for servers and for the overall computing market.

To read the press release in full, please click here.

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Most Recent Comments

26-01-2009, 14:34:08

I haven't got one of these, but having typed on one I can heartily recommend it. Das Keyboard.

Personally I've got one of these and can recommend them too.

But then I dislike laptop style keyboards. I prefer a little feedback from my keys.

26-01-2009, 14:38:50

G15 MkI.

26-01-2009, 14:44:59


Yes its plain, Yes its boaring. But you'll still be using it in 10 years time. I only replaced my old one because I was fed up of a US layout.

QFT - Cherry's are built like tanks.

Or look for a black IBM keyboard. They'll last foerever too and are very 'klicky' if ya like that thing.

26-01-2009, 17:01:25


I haven't got one of these, but having typed on one I can heartily recommend it. Das Keyboard.

But then I dislike laptop style keyboards. I prefer a little feedback from my keys.

Agree with you about the laptop style keys- can't stand em myself, that's why I stayed away from razer's latest when I was looking for something backlit. I've got an old Wireless media keyboard somewhere, might sticker the keys to see if it improves my touch typing next time I'm back from uni!

Problem for me is that I've got a G15 Rev. II and whilst I love it to bits, the keys are slightly narrower width-wise than regular so whenever I switch to one of the uni terminals or a mate's PC it's like learning to type all over again!

26-01-2009, 17:06:52

I too dont like laptop style keyboards so thats out

I should have said what design i was after sorry.

So media keys, ok for gaming, keys arent going to rub off (saitek eclipse 1...) and high profile

Perhaps a clean looking one, metallic maybe? Are G15s still going that well?

And on another note, are flexy keyboards any good - if so which, need a keyboard for college as all the ones there are MANKY

26-01-2009, 17:35:24

Apologies if I'm butting into the thread, I'm more than happy to make another if that's the case. I was just wondering since the laptop-style keys were mentioned what the best keyboard would be in that range, the Das Keyboard looks great but I'm not huge keyboard enthusiast and wondered if there was anything cheaper?

26-01-2009, 17:50:21

Cherry again.

Can't get much flatter :)

26-01-2009, 18:03:31


Cherry again.

Can't get much flatter :)

Fast reply! :) That looks great, I had a fatter Cherry one a while back and it lasted me a fairly long time. Thanks for the help mate.

26-01-2009, 18:36:51

I got the Logitech Media Keyboard Elite ATM, i'm gonna go for the smaller Media keyboard

I just can't b arsed buying it yet haha

31-01-2009, 10:06:54

I had a das keyboard and I'd recomend it except for the price.
At the minute I'm using a logitech wave, only got it a 4 days ago and I'm jsut getting used to the shape/angle. Slowed me down at first but now I'm typing with my pinkies... which is weird but great.
Cheap and confortable.

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