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New Memtest86+ Update
After running strong with version 2.01 for nine months now, the Memtest86+ team have released a new updated version: 2.10.  This update fixes a few bugs as well as adds support for a number of CPUs and chipsets, most notably the P43/45 chipsets and the soon to be released Core i7 CPUs.
* New Features
o Added support for Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) CPU
o Added support for Intel Atom Processors
o Added support for Intel G41/G43/G45 Chipsets
o Added support for Intel P43/P45 Chipsets
o Added support for Intel US15W (Poulsbo) Chipset
o Added support for Intel EP80579 (Tolapai) SoC CPU
o Added support for ICH10 Southbridge (SPD/DMI)
o Added detection for Intel 5000X
o Now fully aware of CPU w/ L3 cache (Core i7 & K10)

* Bug Fixes
o Added workaround for DDR3 DMI detection
o Fixed Intel 5000Z chipset detection
o Fixed Memory Frequency on AMD K10
o Fixed cache detection on C7/Isaiah CPU
o Fix Memtest86+ not recognized as Linux Kernel
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It's certainly nice to see that the team is on top of things, adding support for Core i7 so quickly.
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Most Recent Comments

10-11-2008, 17:01:41

hey everyone, my first post here.
i have a problem with my XFX8800GTS 640MB GPU.
ever since i installed the new nvidia drivers (178) fro October some of the my games started working weird. i installed the older version (175.19) and at first it seemed to correct the problem, in games such as CoD4 and Crysis Warhead. anyway, now no matter what version of the driver i use everything seems to work seriously slow and crapy.
if anyone knows or has such a problem please help me out.
thanks in advance.

10-11-2008, 17:17:05

The likes of the 178+, or even 175+, drivers, are not ~particularly~ aimed at dev for cards in the 8 series. Sure they'll work, mostly down the "support" line, in so much as they'll work but they aren't going to massively increase performance in any way.

Generally those drivers will be of ~some~ benefit to 9 series users, but will be more emphasizing GT200 users. As will the 180+ releases, lesser so the 9 series with these perhaps. All along they will still "support" the 8 series as they do the 7 series etc.

As I know the big push for the newest drivers are going to be the desire to use physx maybe, it would be a good idea to find a physx set of nvidia drivers that work and stick with them as a base. When new drivers come out, try them, if they crap ur system, revert to the base ones.

174++ are the drivers to stick to tho, cos there was a god-awful bunch of mistakes made in the 169 sets that gave lots of ctd to alot of peoples cards - particularly temperamental to performance or oc setups.

To be sure the current drivers u have are fully installed properly, u can open the nVidia control panel, and in the bottom left corner will be a link that says "system information". If u click on it a window will open - if u then click on the "component" tab, it'll list all the versions of the driver-files installed on ur pc. If u have Driverset 178.13, it should read on all of them, possibly with the exception of the control-panel drivers (they dont matter as much, theyre seperate). If some of the files are different values, then u have mixed driver files, which means u need to uninstall them and remove the files (with DriverCleanerPro or similar) b4 reinstalling the ones u want.

11-11-2008, 03:46:18

wow man, thanks so much, i'll try to uninstall all the drivers and only install the 175.19 cuz they seem to have worked the best for me, and i'm pretty sure (from what i understood of your post) that i have mixed driver files, and that would explain a lot!

23-11-2008, 22:05:37

* Uninstall the current Forceware driver via the Control panel.
* Reboot into "Safe" mode (F8).
* Run Driver Sweeper and choose the "NVIDIA - Display" filter.
* Press "Clean" and wait for it to finish.
* Reboot (normally).
* Cancel any hardware wizards that may appear.
* Install the desired Forceware Driver.
* Reboot.

most also update sound drivers that the other area COD5 has had same issuies fixed them by following that order. you can find it on Guru 3d com

04-12-2008, 14:20:44

ikan dugong
I agree with previous recommendations :

1. Uninstall driver
2. Clean the registry (with any reg cleaner apps you prefer)
3. re-install driver
if the same problem occur, you might have mixed up the driver & registry (and anything else) badly
last resort..

4. format system drive & reinstall windows & all.. (same config as it runs ok) :) <-- works all the time :)

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