MSI Wind RAM Upgrade Issue

"MSI's Wind has an upgrade issue reminiscent of the original Eee PC"

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MSI Wind RAM Upgrade Issue
Remember the Asus Eee PC RAM upgrade debacle? Where the warranty sticker was placed right over the upgrade slot? Well for whatever reason, MSI have done something similar with their Wind sub-notebook. This situation is perhaps a touch more grave.
As with the vast majority of laptops these days, the MSI Wind has a free RAM slot. However, unlike those others, the Wind doesn't have a special "door" to access it. Thus, in order to add RAM to your Wind, you need to take the laptop apart and void your warranty.
Considering the user outrage with the Eee PC incident, MSI thankfully has some sort of measure in place.
The end user will need to contact MSI UK first, and we will approve case by case. Customer will have option to contact their reseller for upgrade, contact MSI for upgrade (fee applies) or upgrade themselves. If end user chooses to upgrade themselves, we will provide them with an instructional guide and list of approved components to use, plus a new modified warranty sticker. If they follow this procedure, then warranty will remain valid, however, they will loose the global travel warranty. This will be clearly explained to them.
If the customer damages unit in any way during upgrade, then warranty will be void.
Sound fairly reasonable, right? Well, there's just one tiny catch: this is only available from MSI UK. I suppose those who buy in the UK may rejoice, but non-UK Wind owners are SOL when it comes to keeping their warranty after upgrading the memory. By default, the Wind comes with a 2-year local warranty and a 1-year global warranty.
Is MSI's measure good enough to avoid an outcry similar to that against the original Eee PC?
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Most Recent Comments

21-07-2008, 12:39:47

Mouse FTW!

21-07-2008, 13:38:41

I've never seen a touch screen with 7 buttons and a scrollwheel tbh. Or one that would be any use for CAD.

21-07-2008, 13:56:56


Mouse FTW!

:nono: Trackball FTW!


21-07-2008, 14:01:35


:nono: Trackball FTW!



That said a decent trackball can be good in some situations :D

21-07-2008, 17:24:26

they will have to rench the mouse out of my cold, dead, fingers, before touch screens replace it in my system :p

21-07-2008, 17:26:19

No way.....keyboard and mouse are like a duo.....cant do without one or the other.

Plus I in terms of what I like to use for gaming....mouse and keyboard all the way...hate playing FPSers with a controller=P

That is my opinion and ofcourse everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

21-07-2008, 17:30:27

for gaming, i like my ps3

but for the internet etc, i do prefer a mouse
it is just so much easier

mindya, i guess if a new generation grows up on touch screens, they wont need the mouse..

21-07-2008, 17:54:01

i can't even imagine gaming with a touch screen. its like trying to think up a new colour :P

22-07-2008, 08:34:09


I've never seen a touch screen with 7 buttons and a scrollwheel tbh. Or one that would be any use for CAD.

Aye, using a touch screen for a FPS would be a little weird. Does bring a literal meaning to point and shoot!

22-07-2008, 08:36:00

Tbh, it`d take a gamer to come up with something as an alternative to fps.

Not necessarily the best fps`ers, but those spending the most time on them, perhaps with diy mods.

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