G.Skill Release Worlds Fastest DDR3

"G.Skill have announced some truly blazing fast RAM for the i7"

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G.Skill Release the Worlds Fastest DDR3 Memory
G.Skill International Co. Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of extreme performance memory has today released the Worlds Fastest DRAM modules. Rated at a truly amazing DDR3 2200, with timings of CL7-10-10-28 at 1.65v, this is specially designed in 4GB , 2x2GB, packs for the Intel Lynnfield i7 860 and 870 processors.
These new extreme modules come with a brand new design of heatspreader, the PI series, representing G.Skill's commitment to pushing boundries. They provide overclocking enthusiasts and extreme gamers with the ability to break overclocking World Records by utilising the very best DRAM modules.
The kits will include the G.Skill Turbulence memory cooling fan, to provide even greater cooling performance and overclocking headroom.
These are available immediately at an affordable price-point, complete with the usual G.Skill life-time warranty and complete forum, telephone and email technical support.
Fancy 2200MHz DDR3? Discuss in our forums here.
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04-11-2009, 08:43:10

Hi all

When I first moved out this ended up in the bottom of a box and only reappeared last weekend from it's cardbox grave.

After a bit of research I found out it's actually work a fair bit of cash.

Sadly my darling mother threw away the box, figure, poster etc as she thought it was satanic. Don't ask I never got on with her. So I have lost all the extras that it came with.

All the disks are present and in perfect condition.

The Anthology does have a bit of damage on the spine. I'm sure that can be repaired by a bookbinder if you are an avid collector. Also one of the disk holders is missing a few teeth. See pics.

The id Anthology is a collection of all the games id Software made up to Quake. It also contains collectables, like a poster, comic, T-shirt, and a model cyberdemon.

id Anthology has 19 games on 4 CDs.

The first CD has the games id Software made from 1991 to 1993 (this includes all the Commander Keen games, both Wolfenstein games, and really early games like Dangerous Dave and Soldax). Commander Keen: Aliens Ate my Babysitter is only the CGA version.

The second CD titled 'Doom' has The Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Master Levels and Final Doom. Master Levels doesn't include Maximum Doom on the 'Doom' CD but it does on the 'Mac' CD. All the Doom games apart from Master Levels have both the DOS and Doom95 versions of v1.9 (the latest). Master Levels comes with a DOS launcher 'doomit' v9.5c where you can load the .wad files from. The 'Doom' CD also has a copy of DirectX 4, D****o95 and xband.

The third CD 'Quake' has Quake on it with the audio CD music.

The forth CD 'Mac' has Mac versions of Wolfenstein 3D, Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom.

Also included in id Anthology is 'The Book of id': a book that is a part of the 4CD case and has a story about id Software and starts off "I've run out of ammo. Nothing much left between me and Them but this fire door...". Also included is a poster of someone screaming against a length of film, a phone card with a picture of the Doom 2 boss on it, two dog tags with the id logo on one and the id Anthology logo on the other, a led cyberdemon miniature (unpainted, no paint included), a black T-shirt with the id Anthology logo on it, and a Doom comic book. The Game manuals are on the CDs and are viewed with omoplay.

Games Included:

* CD 1 'Vintage':
o Catacombs 3D
o Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons
o Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy
o Commander Keen: Aliens ate my Baby Sitter!
o Commander Keen: Keen Dreams
o Dangerous Dave
o Hover Tank
o Rescue Rover
o Rescue Rover 2
o Shadow Knights
o Soldax
o Spear of Destiny
o The Catacomb
o Wolfenstein 3D

* CD 2 'Doom':
o Doom II: Hell on Earth
o Final Doom
o Master Levels for Doom II
o The Ultimate Doom

* CD 3 'Quake':
o Quake

* CD 4 'Mac':
o Doom II: Hell on Earth
o Final Doom
o The Ultimate Doom
o Wolfenstein 3D

I have seen them for sale on ebay for £150 plus but I'll ask £100 since I am sadly missing some of the collectible extras.

If you have any questions post up.







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