DDR4 Promises Blazing Speeds

"The next generation of memory standard could allow transfer speeds of up to 4266MHz."

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With each new standard in memory, speeds just keep getting faster and faster while voltages are getting lower and lower.  With the transition to DDR3 slowly nearing completion, the JEDEC have released some information on the next-generation DDR4 standard.

Starting from the current highest (standard anyways) speed of 2133MHz, the DDR4 specification will have a range up to a blistering 4266MHz.  In addition to this, primary running voltages will be down to 1.2v and 1.1v, with even as low as 1.05v being considered as well.

In order to reach these outstanding data rates, a switch from multi-drop bus to point-to-point technology has been made.  Unfortunately, this change is not without its drawbacks.  The main issue presented is that memory channels will only be able to support one module each.

This problem primarily raises concern in the server and other sectors which require lots of memory usage, though high-end enthusiasts may wonder as well.  Developers have thus far proposed two possible approaches.  The first involves simply working on increasing module densities, making use of multi-layer techniques and through silicon via (TSV) technology.  The other proposal is to implement a sort of switch system on motherboards to enable multiple modules to make use of a single channel.

While the specification is expected to be released in 2011 and preliminary production to begin late 2012, makers don't expect a true push for transition to begin until some time in 2015.  Seeing as the transition from DDR2 to DDR3 has already taken quite some time, this isn't too surprising with the new challenges presented by the DDR4 technology and specification.

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07-08-2010, 11:14:45

Well, what can I say. I just finished it and loved it the whole way though.

It's fairly hard to get into since you've got to fight mutants near the start and your weapons aren't great, your knowledge isn't high either and trust me when I say you need to understand the enemy in this game.

Once you get into the swing of it it's an amazing game, you'll need to learn how to collect artifacts too which the game doesn't actually tell you so if you get stuck on that feel free to post in this thread asking.

I'm just waiting for Artist Pavel's Complete mod and then I'm going to play it all over again with better graphics :D

Also, to save you money NEVER give anything away. You'll get told by bandits that they've got an injured brother and need an artifact or that that weapon you've got is actually theirs.

If you haven't got this game it can be purchased from Steam for only £19.99, well worth it in my opinion.

If you've got eyefinity this game will be quite literally insane, the landscape panorama in this game is second to none.


In short I'm going to give this game a 92/100 and recommend it you.

- Toonshorty

07-08-2010, 11:40:40

so is it like fallout

07-08-2010, 11:45:42


so is it like fallout

Never played fallout so I couldn't tell you.

Check out some video reviews and walkthroughs, they'll give you an idea of gameplay.

08-08-2010, 15:18:08


so is it like fallout

Yes. A messy badly coded Fallout.

Infact, I would even go so far as to say they ripped off Fallout 3 completely. There are some wonderful things about Pripyat but not enough. And MDS* is so possible I found it annoying and frustrating.

*MDS = multiple death syndrome.

Had I not played Fallout 3 first I would have liked COP a lot more. I sort of liked the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R but it had some serious flaws (IE all of the AI were crack shots and you were poo) and so on. They seem to have rectified this in COP but IMO it's too little too late. FO3 utterly wipes the floor with it.

08-08-2010, 16:07:09

so is it not worth the play just for DX11?

08-08-2010, 19:10:26


so is it not worth the play just for DX11?

No. It's really rather ugly to be honest. The textures are very grainy, almost to the point of looking like a hi def ps1 game. There are nice flashes of brilliance but there's absolutely nothing done in it that couldn't be done with DX9 in all honesty. Unless of course I am totally missing something, but it didn't look any better than Shadow of Chernobyl to me.

The best DX11 game (if you have a VERY keen eye) is Dirt 2. Closely followed by Bad Company 2 (but again, you need a very keen eye).

08-08-2010, 20:57:54

i no i have not played no DX11 games yet,BFBC 2 is one i would like to play

09-08-2010, 14:28:55

Well if you pinch games give it a look. You may find it to be something that I clearly don't.

Personally I buy all my games and I see it as average at best. Review scores tend to agree with me too.

There are just much better titles out there than this that fall into the same category. For example I got FEAR 2 for £4.60 shipped brand new on Amazon and it pees on this. I know the two are only similar because COP is essentially an RPG but it just feels a bit loose and sloppy. Travelling is really slow and before I knew it I was bored out of my brains. It's also very unforgiving and can be pretty frustrating.

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