Crucial Adds Style to Memory Modules

"Crucial has added a touch of style to RAM - it has launched limited edition Dual Union Jack modules."

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Crucial Adds Style to Memory Modules

Memory with style - Dual Britannia from CrucialCrucial has added a touch of style to RAM – it has launched limited edition Dual Union Jack modules. Dubbed “Dual Britannia”, the limited edition RAM is available in 2GB and 4GB capacities.

The company has designed a Union Jack artwork for the enclosing heatsink on what is essentially a 240-pin DDR2-800 Ballistix module. Both modules come with low latencies of 4-4-4-12. The artwork enclosure gives the kit a cool retro look and adds a dash of class to what can otherwise be boring computer hardware.

With a five percent discount offered on all orders, the Union Jack 2GB kit is available at £21.84 while the 4GB kit costs £43.69.

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05-04-2009, 17:24:57

Pump is hosed up wrong its pumping into the res.

Need to have the top part of the pump FROM the res then the front part going to a rad

BTW if you are using 3/8 barbs you really need proper hose clips, you can only use zip ties with 7/16 hose and 1/2 barbs

05-04-2009, 17:39:46

Agreed, you should have the res going into the pump, letting gravity feed the pump at a decent rate from the res. As it is, the cpu is the after the first rad and gpu, so it will be getting a nice dose of heat. Sorry, should have noticed that at the start, but I had to google the pump top.

05-04-2009, 17:44:11

With regards to the tubing width, 3/8" is fine - the difference between 1/2" and 3/8" is approximately 1 degree. I'm using 3/8" and I'm running at load temps of 35o on an E8400@3.6Ghz.

The initial problems I had with overheating in my system were these:

1. Loose CPU block retention screw - it caused one core to lose some contact with the block and effectively doubled the temperature, stressed at 3Ghz it was producing temps close to 100o, replacing the screw fixed this.

2. Air in the loop - took a day of rotating the loop, shaking at waiting to get all the air out of the rad. There's a horrible grinding noise as the pump works through the air bubbles :(

3. The pump top - I only realised my a while later that my temps were still a little too high. I'm running a Laing DDC Ultra Pump with a XSPC top and despite ordering it pre-built the top was screwed on too hard and was actually contacting the impeller, slowing it down. On the advice of a WcUK rep I unscrewed the top slightly which seemed to solve the problem but I'm still not sure it's completely gone away.

Worth a check at least.

05-04-2009, 17:46:21

Thanks a lot guys! (although this does mean I'm probably going to have to take everything out no doubt :().

I had this doubt before, but my friend said it was set up correctly - So the part of the res which is going to the pump is in the wrong part? So I need to just switch the two tubes around on the pump?

Sorry, I'm a little dumb here. :D

Thanks for the checklist Deshman, it's very useful! :) Will keep it all in mind once I've sorted the pump's tubing out.

05-04-2009, 17:53:51

The "out" on the back of the res (right hand barb if your looking at the barbs) should go into the middle of the top of the pump. The other exit of the pump should go into the rad then on through your loop. With any luck, you should need to just swap those to tubes around, although this will involve draining a fair bit of your loop I'm afraid.
I think your pump motor is running fine because it should be about 4000rpm (check impeller anyway) the impeller speed however is not monitored so it may be catching on something.

05-04-2009, 18:02:56

Id also look at tidying the hose going outside and getting a thicker rad for the roof in the long run matey.

05-04-2009, 18:33:13

You think it will still fit along the top without interfering with the motherboard, tinytomlogan? Main reason for the BI240 was because it was slim (not to mention I had no choice as it was second hand)

And thanks Diablo, runs awesomely! Except now I have a leak from my CPU block. :( But I'm putting that down to the cable ties not being tight enough, I'm going to invest in the white hose clips again. (They were "in stock" before when I purchased them and they put it to the yellow/amber coloured "in stock" shortly after I placed the order). But I'll keep pestering WCUK. :D

Cheers again everyone, real help! Now I have confidence back in water cooling. :P

05-04-2009, 18:36:09

Watercooling UK are normally pretty good. I've not been let down by them yet (unlike scan and aria) and once you get 25 posts, you can get free delivery (blessing when you only need a fan, fan guard and some cable ties)

05-04-2009, 18:40:17

Yeah, I used them when purchasing the rest of my items that my mate didn't supply me with.

They are pretty good, although I felt a little let down with the clips order, but I'll re-order again. :)
To replace the BI240, will an XSPC be worth replacing it? I'll probably have to buy this when my student loan comes in :P but that won't be long... :D

05-04-2009, 18:43:25

Measure the gap you have dude and just work it out tbh, but the xspc r120d (like the single you have) would be fine tbh.

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