Corsair news mini-roundup. New PSUs and RAM toys!

"Corsair have announced 3 new PSUs including a 1200w and the new AirFlow parametric RAM data display."

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Corsair news mini-roundup. New PSUs and RAM toys!

Corsair have also announced that their full range of DDR3 kits are compatible with Intel’s new multiplier-unlocked Core i5 665K, core i7 875K and core i7 980X Extreme Edition processors.
They recommend their XMS3 Classic, Dominator® and Dominator GT DDR3 memory at frequencies from 1600MHz CAS 7 to 2000MHz CAS 9, and in densities of 4GB, 6GB, 8GB and 12GB. All kits include Intel XMP profiles.

Corsairs Dominator and Dominator GT kits also support the new ‘AirFlow Pro parametric display.' Working out what this thing actually does had me perplexed until I found this handy YouTube video.

Basically it’s an accessory for Corsairs DHX Pro enabled modules, with a cool array of multi-coloured LEDs which mount above the memory and fans. While flashing LEDs can be trendy anyway, it’s great if they serve a purpose. The LEDs on the AirFlow Pro are multipurpose, which is even better.

In a tip of the hat to their Pro and XPERT series from years gone by, the LEDs provide a visual indication of memory utilization. There are 6 rows of LEDs, allowing for up to 6 modules to be independently monitored. Along with memory usage, the AirFlow Pro also has LEDs in the centre, which change colour, relative to the ram temperature.

In developing AirFlow Pro, the engineers at Corsair created DHX Pro, an extension to the patented, thermally optimized DHX design, incorporating measurement expertise gained in developing the technology behind the Corsair XPERT line. These enhancements include circuitry to measure multiple memory parameters, and a 5-pin connector, shown in a detailed photograph here, to allow access to the information. The parametric data is collected by a microcontroller-based receiver circuit and processed for logging or display.

Select models of Dominator memory have been shipping with DHX Pro since early this year. A list of Dominator memory with Corsair DHX Pro can be found on Corsair’s Blog.

The receiver circuit that processes the parametric data from the DHX Pro memory is an open design that can be accessed by other companies, or by end users with a no-cost, royalty-free license. The bill of materials, schematic, and signal definitions will be made available to allow other hardware to monitor and display the parametric data from the memory subsystem. A full developer’s kit is expected to be available June 30, 2010.

The AirFlow Pro will be available later this summer with a two year warranty.

All in all the AirFlow Pro looks like a great toy, especially if you’re the sort to show off your rig to your mates. In the words Corsair’s John Beekley, VP of Technical marketing; This device is “a must-have for any system with a windowed case.”

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Most Recent Comments

11-05-2010, 02:36:56

Top of the morning folks,

So I was being harassed by a charity promoter near Holborn yesterday and I had an idea. As a website, is it worth our while to try to gain coverage and popularity by holding some sort of charity fund raiser? If you’re not entirely sure what I mean, just run with me on this one. :p

Suppose we held a LAN Party. We could hire a venue for 25 – 100 participants, who have to pay a £xx entry fee. It could be a “bring your own” computer style event or perhaps there could be a fixed number of gaming desktops or laptops donated by manufacturers for the day. If we could get games and manufacturer reps involved, it could even be possible to hold Overclocking and Games competitions (dependent on entry fee). While of course a substantial proportion of the entry fees would go towards the overheads of such an event, I dare say there’s potential to raise a sizable amount for national (Teenage Cancer Trust, Cancer Research, Leukaemia Research Fund, British Heart Foundation) or international (Unicef, Oxfam) charities.

I concede that there are a number of fundamental issues with the idea. The major one being manufacturer’s willingness to participate as it’s quite possible that an event of this size simply isn’t worth their while. Should we wish to try and acquire a number of desktop or laptop machines for the event, perhaps we could propose a “shoot-out” between a number of popular manufacturers’ machines. Let’s say Mesh, Overclockers UK, YoyoTech for argument’s sake. Prior to the event, we could promote, test and compare their machines to buggery and provide them with all the coverage that they could want. In return, each of them could offer us a number of their machines for the day. The same would hold for acquiring games and hardware for tournament style (gaming) or 3dmark (overclocking) competitions. Another issue would be acquiring the infrastructure for a LAN Party (server, large switches and a stupid amount of cabling). Likewise, monitors and peripherals pose a problem as manufacturers surely won't take kindly to such a request. This is why I also proposed gaming laptops.
I also figured that a day long event could raise plenty of money through hungry participants. For example, through a charity project that I worked with last year, we were able to buy Krispykreme donuts in bulk (roughly 37p a donut) through Harrods and sold them for £1 each (It goes without saying that this was VERY profitable). I'm sure however that the types of food and drink sold would be restricted by health & safety + liquor licensing.

In doing something like this, we provide manufacturers with plenty of good press, while also promoting ourselves at the same time. Meanwhile, the participants have the opportunity to spend the day playing a variety of games, stand the chance to win goodies and feel like they’ve made a charitable difference.

I have no idea if this could work in practice but I thought I’d put the idea out there while it was fresh in my mind. If not this, has anyone had similar ideas? :)

11-05-2010, 09:53:00

All good ideas Mul but from a business point of view any funds we can lay our hands on need to stay within the site untill manufacturers decide they need to spend again.

ATM its just not a good idea for us to be giving cash to anyone but the staff. And if manus have it to spend, for the time being at least we want it in our bank account!

Not to say we cant do something when things are more stable mind.

Hmmm Holborn... was that the NSPCC or the Monks this time? :p

11-05-2010, 17:44:26

As far as the generation of funds go, I figured as much. I suppose a LAN Party could be done with purely profit based intentions but there wouldn't be as much of an incentive for manufacturers to help us out with that. There's no getting around the issue of the event being fairly high risk as well.

The charity at Holborn was the NSPCC! If not them, it's usually Shelter. I'll never understand why they waste their time on roads like Kingsway which is full of commuters walking to KCL or LSE and any of the businesses in the area. Very few have time to stop and wait!

While I'm throwing out ideas, may I ask how difficult it'd be to implement a link to Twitter for every news article or review that's published? I appreciate that twitter is a little marmite, but I feel that it's an easy way to capture the attention of new readers as topics and user opinions/impressions spread like wildfire. Simply give the article link the treatment, offer a short blurb and #tag appropriately. We do have RSS Feeds but I dare say that today's "hipsters" spend more of their time on twitter

12-05-2010, 05:17:27

Twitbook was spoken about last year, we were just trying to find the time to implement it within the main site aswell.

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