ADATA Launches DDR4 2133 Memory in UK

DDR4 Memory

ADATA Launches Premier DDR4 2133 Memory in UK  

DDR4. That's How Upgrade is Spelled.

Taipei, Taiwan - July 31, 2014 - ADATA® Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, today launches the Premier DDR4 2133 Unbuffered DIMM memory, which supports the latest Intel® Haswell-E platform for extreme performance. Thanks to the benefits of DDR4 and rigorous production of ADATA, the DDR4 2133 U-DIMM memory module is an excellent upgrade solution for PC DIY users.

 ADATA Launches Premier DDR4 2133 Memory in UK

Faster Data Transfer, Higher Power Efficiency

With speeds of up to 2133MHz and a transfer bandwidth reaching 17GB/s, the Premier DDR4 2133 Unbuffered DIMM provides greater efficiency of data transfer than previous generations of DRAM. Compared to DDR3, DDR4 memory features faster clock frequencies and lower power consumption. Running at just 1.2 volts, the new DDR4 2133 Unbuffered DIMM can save 20% of the power making it an environmentally friendly component. In desktop PCs, the advantages of DDR4 will lead to lower costs and improved overall performance.

Top Quality & Lifetime Warranty

All ADATA memory modules are produced and tested by a rigorous quality control process for rapid computing and stable operation. In addition, ADATA memory modules provide customers a lifetime warranty for the maximum assurance with excellent service.

ADATA Launches Premier DDR4 2133 Memory in UK  ADATA Launches Premier DDR4 2133 Memory in UK  


The DDR4 2133 U-DIMM is available through selected retailers and distributors for the MSRP of £55.99 for 8GB and £111.99 for 16GB.


ADATA Technology, one of the world's largest vendors of DRAM Modules and USB Flash Drives, provides complete memory solutions, including memory cards, solid state drives, and portable hard drives. ADATA products are internationally recognized by Germany's iF Design Award, red dot Award, CES Best of Innovations Award, Japan's Good Design Award, Best Choice of Computex Award, and Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. The company's slogan of Love, Life, Dreams, embodies the ADATA brand and the role of innovative memory products in the human pursuit of universally cherished ideas. For more information, please visit


What I think

In conclusion DDR4 Memory will not be much, if any more expensive than DDR3 Memory at launch, with prices of £55.99 for an 8GB kit and £111.99 for an 16GB kit, which for 2133MHz ram is not bad, especially given it is low power DDR4 memory.

While this Kit lacks a heat-spreader, at only 1.2v it doesn't really require it. I do hope to see some sexy heat-spreaders on later kits, because who wants naked ram in their PC, especially with that green PCB. 

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Most Recent Comments

31-07-2014, 13:58:45

Adata has launched some DDR4 Memory, and it isn't as expensive as some first thought. Lets have a look at the cost!

Read more about ADATAs launch of DDR4 Memory here.Quote

31-07-2014, 14:07:05

I was waiting for the link to pop up, bout time! lol

Also those prices are not all that bad. Though considering 2133mhz is pretty the new 1600mhz for ddr4 its no surprise its cheap.Quote

31-07-2014, 14:13:53


This is a lot cheaper than what I was expecting. I don't know if I will be going x99 as I have recently built the Z87 Hackintosh and am working on the Z97 build right now. Once that one is done the Z87 one is going to be a hand-me-down.


31-07-2014, 14:28:43

Thats one damn good price. I just wonder how it performs Quote

31-07-2014, 14:53:01

Damien c
I can only assume that within the next month or two that Haswell-E is going to be released.

Those prices are really good though, as I was expecting them to be at least double that.Quote

31-07-2014, 14:55:51

so happy I did'nt buy my pc yet.Quote

31-07-2014, 14:56:23

Originally Posted by Watsyerproblem View Post
Adata has launched some DDR4 Memory, and it isn't as expensive as some first thought. Lets have a look at the cost!

Read more about ADATAs launch of DDR4 Memory here.
will there be much difference in performance from the DDR3, because there really wasn't much difference between DDR2 and DDr3Quote

31-07-2014, 15:17:20

Originally Posted by carlosandr1 View Post
will there be much difference in performance from the DDR3, because there really wasn't much difference between DDR2 and DDr3
DDR3 was quite a big improvement over DDR2. DDR4 is a big improvement as well. You can't just look at the speed and latencies, that's only half the story. Its just the overall architecture and design that makes it more quick than previous generations. You can fit more blocks of memory onto a single pcb allowing for bigger single stick modules and a whole lot more that most people don't understand on the hardware level.. just a quick google search..

Most of it is gibberish to me as i do not know all the ins n outs of memory architecture, but it all looks like big jumps based off numbers and descriptionsQuote

31-07-2014, 17:01:50

Crucial have got some 2400 over at OC'ers.

31-07-2014, 17:14:26

Originally Posted by paulstung View Post
Crucial have got some 2400 over at OC'ers.
Also some Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 32GB of 3000MHZ for a mere £666.66p

31-07-2014, 17:18:34

there black so thay should go with a lot of color schemes thats nice.Quote

31-07-2014, 17:24:33

£666 isn't nice though, am sure i could but a second hand kidney for lessQuote

31-07-2014, 17:46:40

I was honestly expecting the prices of a DDR4 DIMM to be up to 3 times the price of DDR3, I didn't even imagine that they would be the same price! But I suppose when we get to the higher density RAM we will start to see the prices soar, for example the rumored 128GB sticks!

Really can't wait to see how these perform with Haswell-E though!

Originally Posted by Tripp View Post
£666 isn't nice though, am sure i could but a second hand kidney for less
Well in Kenya you can

31-07-2014, 18:03:15

Originally Posted by RadeonHDx View Post

hahahaha point proven...thanks dudeQuote

31-07-2014, 18:42:58

Originally Posted by Tripp View Post
hahahaha point proven...thanks dude
No problem man, any time .Quote

31-07-2014, 18:59:47

Nice news WYP, at least now we have the price points as for performance gains, if graphs and talk are to be believed we should start seeing a vast improvement over the next few years.

31-07-2014, 20:35:56

What a price tag though, but it is rather smexy..Quote

31-07-2014, 22:51:33

will newer graphic cards start being ddr6 ddr7?Quote

31-07-2014, 23:08:32

Wow, I guess I am absolutely set on getting haswell-e then, hopefully it is not going to get delayed or anything (dont see any reason for it).

Would I be wrong if I assumed that x99 will be able to use 2011 mounts? As I am going to install my xspc Raystorm asap.Quote

01-08-2014, 02:09:38

Thats good to see news from DDR4 modules. I was scared a bit theres no many information about the coming out products in the last few months. I hope in august will bring us some more products we can chose from when x99 starts in september 14. (if infos were correct before) I hope i hope i hope....Quote

01-08-2014, 02:37:25

Originally Posted by truesilax View Post
will newer graphic cards start being ddr6 ddr7?
don't even know how you came up with that idea tbh. Besides they use GDDR memory not DDR. They are quite different. Besides now they are starting to use stacked memory in GPUs as the next step. So they probably won't move on for a quite a while.Quote

01-08-2014, 02:55:07

As I need an upgrade now, not in a few months, I will be rolling with DDR3 2133. I want DDR4 but I can wait until the market is a bit more saturated and the spec stabilises and is proven.Quote

01-08-2014, 04:57:04

Performance 9/10
Presentation 3/10
Price 10/10

OC3D Performance AwardQuote

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