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Use the Force!
The University of Tokyo is conducting research into a new technology which may allow for controller input by simply using only your hand in mid air, and could offer force feedback type sensations too. The scientists responsible for the research have labelled the new technology an 'Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display', and there are two components to the system, a display which uses ultrasonic transducers and a tracking camera for the hand movements.
The four scientists responsible, Takayuki Iwamoto, Mari Tatezono, Takayuki Hoshi, and Hiroyuki Shinoda presented their project at SIGGRAPH2008, and they had the following to say:
With the recent progress in computer graphics, physical simulation, and visual display technology, demands on haptic interaction techniques are increasing. SIGGRAPH 2007 featured many presentations on visual displays that enabled users to manipulate 3D graphic objects with their hands. If tactile feedback could be provided to the users' hands in 3D free space, the usability of those systems would be considerably improved.

This project demonstrates an innovative tactile display that radiates airborne ultrasound and produces high-fidelity pressure fields with multiple ultrasound transducers based on wave-synthesis techniques. Airborne ultrasound can be applied directly onto the skin without the risk of penetration. Tactile feedback is provided to the users' hands without requiring the use of gloves or mechanical attachments
You can view the demonstration video below:

This looks like it could potentially offer a much more immersive experience when gaming. You can view the research abstract here. You can discuss in our forums here.

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Most Recent Comments

01-09-2008, 18:17:10

Does my 10% discount for this forum come into play at all? (obviously not inc. the P&P)
Yes I am a chancing git...

02-09-2008, 07:25:44

The voucher code can be used on the case itself but not on any work done to the case. :)

02-09-2008, 07:56:11

Marcus, what a wonderful case... you went crazy on the tubing lol... I would have routed it differently but anyway... still looks ok :)
I'm about to purchase a PC-A70 black, so could you post more pics of how you attached the PA120.2 in the front?
PS awesome powdercoating on the 5.25 bays and mobo tray :)

02-09-2008, 08:11:19

lol yeh I know about the tubing but it was done like that to look nicer with the window panel on.
I would have done it differently as well but Gavin wanted the 4 pieces of tubing touching each other.

I don't have pics of how its fastened on, we jigsawed out the front grills and drilled a couple of new holes for the rad and bolted it in place.

EDIT: I think it's gonna have a 3rd loop added as well :p

02-09-2008, 08:14:03

Ah ok, customer request, cool :)
I've seen pics of the case interior as they come, I just think the little pcb with the power and reset buttons would be in the way if I was to mount the rad directly to the case... I would have wanted it like this; case==>rad==>shrould==>fan.
Or I'd have to relocate the pcb AND the buttons on the outside...

09-09-2008, 16:03:00

should have money for this case come friday... fingers crossed :D plan is to have this PC up and running for Farcry 2 and Red Alert 3 :D

09-09-2008, 22:51:19

Cool beans! :)

I'm off to Egpyt for a week today, i'll e-mail you when I get back.

10-09-2008, 03:06:00

I'd appreciate that alot thanks!
Enjoy Egypt!

19-09-2008, 16:12:51

Any chance we can start negociations :D Good hols?

20-09-2008, 15:45:53

Forgive the dreaded triple post... I have been looking at the SilverStone Temjin TJ07 and noticed with 10% I can get it inc. postage for a quid more than Scan, it already has a Window so will probably be better suited as the A70 was coming close to £200 as it was.

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