Worlds First Flexible OLED Display

"Sony introduces world's first 16.7 million color flexible OLED display "

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Sony introduces world's first 16.7 million color flexible OLED display

Although the notion of flexible displays may be considered a mere novelty today, the benefits may be far reaching for many industries in the years to come. Many of the big display manufacturers are developing flexible displays such as flexible e-paper.

This week Sony announced yet another world first: a flexible organic LED (OLED) display that is capable of displaying 16.7 million colors. Current OLED technology is only capable of up to a few thousand colors. Samsung and LG.Philips have flexible OLED displays too, but they are only capable of 262,000 and 16,000 colors respectively. Sony's display is only 0.3mm thick. Since OLEDs are their own light source they don't require backlighting, and manufacturers can produce extremely thin substrates. The display is 64mm in diameter, has 160x120 pixel resolution and sports a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

However, don't look at OLED displays to replace conventional methods like e-paper just yet. OLED displays still require a power source to retain an image, where-as e-paper only requires power when change is needed.


If you would like to view a short video of the display in action, then head your browser here 

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Most Recent Comments

26-05-2007, 03:00:20

I think I mite have to put my C2D build on hold. Why?

PCIe 2.0

Who agrees that I should wait, and who could give me estimates to when this stuff is affordable?

Edit: I just read that for PCIe 2.0 you need the x38 chipset. WTF INTEL.

26-05-2007, 04:29:51

Thing u gotta bare in mind is, as soon as boards come out doing these, something(s) else is always around the corner too.

U buy one of these, then Intel announce something like C3D chipset. W8 some more ?

26-05-2007, 04:59:06

trust me, you dont want to keep waiting for new stuff.....

i've put mine on hold for nearly 3 months now, just because of a single GFX card.....

the other thing you can consider, is how much it'll cost and how much gain you get.

example, 3 months ago, i can only buy E6300 from my limited budget, so i got it, but now, its only 140odd quid for a E6600......but newer chips have came out since, more expensive, and not a lot more gain.

27-05-2007, 02:39:40

Ok so this is my plan, lemme know how you guys feel bout this:

Right now buy this:
P35 Mobo
8800 GTS 640
2GB ddr2 800

Later on(2-3years?):
New P35 Mobo
New CPU?
Prolly new GFX card to....bah

this plan sucks.

Maybe I should just get a 965 and an e6600 and upgrade to P35 and quad in a year or so?


27-05-2007, 08:33:17

I don't think it's worth waiting as you'll be waiting forever :)

If I was looking at building a new system I'd prob get a E4300 + i965 + DDR2 + 8800GTS 640mb & then overclock it.

Or if you think you will upgrade soon after this, maybe get a cheaper mobo for now. (i945 etc?)

How long is it before PCIe 2.0 is out? :)

27-05-2007, 08:59:52

i'll say..........set a budget, and from that budget get the best of everything you can in that budget, and then, just forget about it.

honestly, if we all need 'the best of' everything, especially in IT world, we'll never be able to keep up! and there isnt that much to 'gain' from one upgrade to another!

if you dont mind not having the best gear, i'd say go for whatever is suited to your budget, then enjoy while you can

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