Today Is Radeon 5700 Launch Day

"Today is the official launch day of ATI's mainstream DirectX 11 graphics cards, the Radeon HD 5700 series."

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Radeon HD 5700
Radeon HD 5750 Today see's the official release of ATI's mainstream cards in their Evergreen series, codename Juniper. For now, the 5700 series is made up of two cards, the 5750 and the faster 5770. These two cards are aimed for the very competitive sub £200 market.
Both cards make use of a 40nm core which packs in 1.04 billion transistors, clocked at 700MHz on the 5750 and 850MHz for the 5770. The 5750 features 720 stream processors while the 5770 is again faster with 800. Both cards also contain 40 texture unites, 16 ROPs and what now seems to be standard, 1GB of GDDR5 memory, running on a 128bit wide bus. The memory is clocked at 1150MHz on the 5750 and 1200MHz on the 5770, meaning a theoretical bandwidth of 73.6GB/s and 76.8GB/s respectively.
The 5700 series retain the low idle power usage we found in the 5800 series, 16w for the 5750 and 18w for the 5770, ramping up to 86w and 108w at load, still well within the capabilities of the single 6pin power connector. Both cards allow users to have up to 3 displays connected to each card, at a resolution of up to 2560x1600. This is thanks to the combination of Dual DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort outputs and ATI's own eyefinity technology. Users can also use up to four of these cards in a CrossfireX configuration for even more performance.
Radeon HD 5770The 5770 sits comfortably, performance wise, with the 4870, beating it in some tests, falling behind in others. The 5750 is a similar story, similar performance to a 4770, sometimes higher. Obviously not the best choice for an upgrade, although it could be something to think about if you are power and heat conscious.
On paper, there is little difference between the two, which is reflected in the pricing of £115 for the 5750 and £130 for the 5770. Availability is an improvement over the 5800 series-siblings, although many cards are still on pre order at UK retailers.
As with the 5800 series, the likes of ASUS, Gigabyte, Sapphire, PowerColor, XFX and MSI are all amongst those with cards available for release, despite all being very similar, only varying by bundle. You can expect to start seeing custom and overclocked models in a few weeks time.
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