The First 'Fermi' Card Pictured

"Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang shows off the first 'Fermi' Based GPU."

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Tesla Fermi GPU
Nvidia CEO Showing Tesla GT300 Fermi CardNvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed off the first GPU based on the latest 'Fermi' or GT300 graphics core. This model is part of the high end Tesla range designed for scientific research, often featuring high amount of memory. This card is physically shorter than most other high end cards we've seen over the years, or at least it looks it. All that can be seen from the pictures is an 8pin power connector on the end, although it has a 6pin connector on the side too. The heatsink design hasn't changed much from previous generations, despite being a Tesla model it is expected that the GeForce and Quadro models will look similar.
It seems Nvidia have showed these images to give users who haven't quite made their mind up yet some hope that the cards will be here soon, clever tactics from Nvidia for once. Wether it works or not is a different matter.
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Nvidia GT300 Tesla Fermi GPU
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Most Recent Comments

23-09-2009, 22:40:51

hey guys im new to gaming world, and starving for some advice.
i bought a workstation from vadim 2yrs ago
when i bought my pc it was built on my needs and that was video editing and
pictures and normal internet usage.
today i was playing a game for first time like for 1 hr and my pc start making alot of noise. and i could feel it was getting really hot.
i dont really want to sell my pc as it does a great job on video editing and pictures. and i dont mind spending 500 pounds for upgrading few parts so i could play some games to.

my spec's
1 x Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3870XT 512MB GDDR4 HDMI/DVI
1 x Antarctic Cooling (3-5 Fans digital controlled+VGA/HD Cooling)
1 x Enermax Galaxy Modular 850W PSU
1 x Supermicro X7DWA-N Dual XEON 771 1600MHz
2 x Intel Xeon 5430 (4x2.66Ghz 1333FSB 2x6Mb) Passive
2 x Stock Heatsink with fan
2 x 2048Mb DDRII 667MHz CL5 ECC Fully Buffered (Kingston)
1 x Creative 7.1 X-FI XtremeAudio PCIe

if upgrading few parts of my pc wont help then please do tell me so i can stop wasting my time and carry on with other things.

my apologies if i posted my thread in wrong section.
thanks you.

23-09-2009, 23:55:06

After reading the chat box DO NOT buy the ram sammy linked, your mobo runs FB-DIMM ram so please make sure you look for this if you upgrade.

What games are you looking to play dude?
Tbh I would just chuck in a 4870X2 and be done with it as the ram will cost a small fortune. Start replacing anything else and it would be better to start thinking about a new pc.

24-09-2009, 00:03:46

I Hunta x
well id upgrade your graphics cards to a new 5870 for future proofing (and its the best single card atm), the cost of ecc ram realy dosent warrent upgrading to 800mhz, and if they will fit id buy 2 3rd party coolers for the cpu's.

24-09-2009, 08:00:27

Not sure about your memory. U have 2x2g strips in there, but we need to remember that both the 771s are using them. 1 each I would think, I'm not aware that they can share the pool, but I could be wrong.

Not exactly a classic gaming setup with 2 771 cpus, but tbh it's more than enough for 1 of them to be doing the gaming (which often tends to be the case). U more-or-less have a Q9450 running at stock, in gaming terms. The other xeon would sit there counting memory pages.

Work wize it's a freakin awesome piece of kit. Similar to the Apple/HP workstations we get for editing. (all over the top for what they really do)

U have 2x(x16) PCIe 2.0 slots, and b4 settling on a card to recommend, I'd be interested in knowing what software u use for work on a regular basis, as there could be a professional slant to this that would benefit that AND gaming.

(and ofc if u bought it for working, there could be a VAT bonus to it)

It'd be nice to have more memory in there, but if u got enough for ur work, I'd not bother cos the pricing aint great. Could be £120 for another 2x2g of 667.

30-12-2010, 10:11:31

I agree with Tommy. Just put in a new vid card, and slam in some more ram and you're good to go.

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