Sapphire Launches Passive Cooled HD 3870

"Sapphire have launched a passively cooled 3870 called the HD 3870 ULTIMATE Edition"

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Sapphire Technology launches new ULTIMATE Edition HD 3870

Sapphire Technology, ATI's largest partner and manufacturer of alternative cooling solutions for graphics cards, has just launched a new ULTIMATE Edition version of the top of the range HD 3870.

Back of HD 3870 UltimateThe Sapphire HD 3870 ULTIMATE Edition has 512MB of GDDR4 memory, running at 1125MHz (2.25GHz effective) and has a core clock speed of 775MHz, delivering the same levels of performance as the standard model – but featuring a totally fanless and silent heatpipe cooler.

The Sapphire HD 3870 incorporates the latest ATI Avivo HD Technology for enhanced Video display and features a built in UVD (Unified Video decoder) for the hardware accelerated decoding of Blu-ray and HD DVD content for both VC-1 and H.264 codecs, reducing CPU loading to a minimum. The bundled HDMI adaptor delivers true HD audio and video output on a single cable for direct connection of an HDMI ready display.

HD 3870
Like other models in the series, the HD 3870 ULTIMATE Edition features the new CrossFireX technology, with two high speed connectors on each card allowing for 2, 3 or even 4 graphics cards to be daisy-chained together for enhanced performance when installed in a CrossFireX compliant mainboard. As each card has two dual-link DVI connectors, this allows up to eight monitors to be used at the same time, or - with CrossFire enabled – the raw power of up to four GPU’s combined to provide a significantly more powerful rendering solution.

All the new Sapphire HD 3800 series combine a unified shader architecture with support for Shader Model 4.1 and the DirectX 10.1 connected via the latest PCI-Express Gen 2.0 interface. The architecture shares the 320 stream processors and 512-bit internal ring bus memory controller of all the current high end models together with multiple rendering units and a programmable tessellation unit to deliver outstanding graphics performance.
Now manufactured in a new 55nm process technology, the GPU in the HD 3800 series delivers this performance with lower power consumption and at lower cost than previous generations. A new feature known as ATI PowerPlay actively reduces power consumption depending on loading.

Ok so the main selling point of this graphics card has to be its silent operation.   We recently posted an article about the passively cooled 9600GT and the opinion seemed to be that people would be interested if a more powerful, silent option came along.
Now with there being very little to choose between both cards performance and cost wise, is either likely to appeal to a large market?

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Most Recent Comments

26-03-2008, 16:54:45

Microsoft take over more of the world.

News Article.

26-03-2008, 16:56:23

open office anyone?

methinks it would be better

microsoft should shove off to be honest

26-03-2008, 18:35:41

Without a proper keyboard, I can't see many people using it as more than a document reader for email attachments...or am i missing something?

26-03-2008, 18:38:50


Without a proper keyboard, I can't see many people using it as more than a document reader for email attachments...or am i missing something?

I cant too! Anyway for reading MS files format and etc they are alot of software out already .. i saw few last time in installed ( Dont have a Iphone :mad: but a Itouch! ) ...

So i don't think its really a "Good" news for anyone! Oh and yeah Microsoft has to get involve in everything doesn't it?!

26-03-2008, 18:40:10


My smartphone comes with word/office things.. tbh it`s an exercise in futility. It, and the apple thing would be, for viewing the files generated by the office suite. Although I think the word/excel thing has input stuff.

It`s one thing to have it on there, and it works.. but it`s like viewing your 20" monitor through a toilet roll core >.<

26-03-2008, 18:40:28

On screen keyboard?
Who knows.. only time will tell. ;)

26-03-2008, 18:52:46

tbh Office is all we have. It is the standard for word processesing.
Some how i think, there should be an alternative to MS Office. I think it sux.
Something that integrates pdf, doc, txt and not new stupid docx or whatever, something fresh simple and new. Would not be surprised if Linux had a program that already does something like this. and just integrate it on a smaller scale. the new word should not eat up that many resources, if anything its eye candy and buggy.

i really dont know what im saying just kinda ranting =/

26-03-2008, 18:56:05

Hmm decent idea for viewing attachments, won't be free though will it? :p

27-03-2008, 08:06:47

since when the it become the 'iTouch' its the iPod Touch?

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