S3 Chrome 500 Gets OpenGL 3.0

"S3 Graphics Unleashes Full OpenGL® 3.0 API Support with Beta Driver for Chrome 500 Series GPUs"

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S3 Chrome 500 Gets OpenGL 3.0

S3 Graphics today released Beta drivers for the latest version of the OpenGL 3.0 API to take advantage of the Khronos Group’s open, cross-platform 3D standard on the newly released Chrome 500 Series programmable GPUs. This major milestone allows software developers to start OpenGL 3.0 development on S3 Graphics hardware using the latest beta driver and GLSL 1.3 shading language on Windows XP and Vista.

These drivers bring out the latest capabilities of the OpenGL 3.0 API so developers can enhance their software applications to fully utilize the Chrome 500 Series graphics hardware for innovative and realistic 3D rendering. New features in OpenGL 3.0 include a new version of GLSL shader language, vertex array objects, 32-bit FP textures, four new texture compression methods, sRGB rendering/blending, and performance enhancements for conditional rendering with highly efficient array indexing.

The first S3 Graphics product to support the latest OpenGL 3.0 API, the S3 Graphics Chrome 530 GT, is available now through the GStore online outlet at: https://s3gstore.s3graphics.com/

“S3 Graphics is proud to be a major participant and contributor to the Khronos Group and OpenGL Architecture Review Board (ARB). Our goal is to bring to market cutting edge graphics based on full compliance with the requirements of the OpenGL standard,” said Yanjun Zhang, Director of Linux Development at S3 Graphics. “With our visual computing ecosystem of partners and customers continuing to grow, the OpenGL community can be confident that S3 Graphics hardware and software are ready to take advantage of the new graphics features of OpenGL 3.0 for upcoming applications.”

S3 Graphics offers a premium line of discrete graphics processors, from the Chrome 400 Series to the latest Chrome 500 Series multimedia GPUs for the most immersive OpenGL 2D/3D experience. Diverse markets that can take advantage of Chrome 500 Series OpenGL 3.0 acceleration include game, CAD, workstation, and other related PC and workstation markets. To download the latest OpenGL 3.0 beta driver, please go to: http://www.s3graphics.com/en/resources/drivers/chrome_500/

The S3 Graphics Chrome 500 Series
The latest graphics architecture from S3 Graphics supports both OpenGL 3.0 and DirectX 10.1 standards and features the ChromotionHD™ engine for playback of the latest HD standards including Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Blu-ray playback and hardware acceleration of H.264, MPEG-2, VC-1, WMV-HD, and AVS formats. Chrome 500 Series processors incorporate the latest audio and display integration including DisplayPort with HDCP, HDMI with HDCP, dual-link DVI with HDCP, and dual-channel LVDS. Integrated Dolby 7.1 digital surround sound and HD Audio controllers are supported natively in the GPU.

For more details about the S3 Graphics Chrome 500 Series please visit: http://www.s3graphics.com/en/products/desktop/chrome_500/

OpenGL is governed by a consortium of graphics-related companies within the Khronos Group, committed to bringing graphics to the forefront of the user experience. The OpenGL specification gives software developers a set of 2D/3D instructions for hardware acceleration of graphics, rendering, and special effect functions, using the full programmable shader power of the GPU. The OpenGL standard is the most widely used graphics API, shipping in a full range of hardware platforms, and supporting major operating systems like Windows® and Linux.

More information on the OpenGL specification can be found at: http://www.khronos.org/opengl/

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28-11-2008, 07:52:34

Bah, I miss being in the states for black friday. Got a shed load of stuff last year.

I`ll be there next year tho for sure, for thanksgiving etc.

Just do something about the strong dollar please in the meantime.

28-11-2008, 10:37:41

I look forward to them clearance sales.

I plan on making a list of which shop I am targetin'! :p

28-11-2008, 11:22:12

We haven't got anything called Black Friday here in Norway (nor Thanksgiving, for that matter), so it's just another ordinary friday. The missus is home with her parents for the weekend, so I plan on getting some of the guys over for loads of beer and Fifa 09 on 360. :D

28-11-2008, 11:48:03

Wish we had that...although u can buy a woolies branch for £1 or less


shame i work at one...i cud do with a saturday off though lol

Im off to tae kwon do tonight and then probably a night of solo gaming with some nice cider i got from aldi...could invite some1 round

28-11-2008, 12:47:26

This thread has failed =\

28-11-2008, 12:49:12

im of out for an indian (hmmmmm) then a few beers. then perhaps some drunkness 360'ing.

(in my language a few means more than my liver can handle).

28-11-2008, 14:54:05

Gonna chill at home and read some CMD/Photoshop tutorials, listen to a new 5GB trance collection I downloaded and pray that Christmas comes quicker. I'll probably steal some of my dads beer or ask my mum to get some from the shop. :)

No Black Friday here, but the sales will be coming awful soon and I hope to hell the prices at Scan go down just a teeny weeny little bit, so I can get my Z5500's for sub-£200. ;)

28-11-2008, 15:05:13

Hmm no such thing as black friday here.

Will go to bed early this evening so I will be fresh for the HCC! days tomorrow where I hope to buy my internal components :)

The internal components of my rig, that is. Not my own internal components.

28-11-2008, 17:01:45

Wish we did have it...We just get ripped no matter what day of the year

28-11-2008, 17:17:53

blehh, normal day
getting drunk :)

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