Ray Tracing To Replace Rasterization?

"Daniel Pohl has created new rendering engines for both Quake 3 and Quake 4 that use ray tracing as the draw method instead of the standard rasterization techniques used in all games today. Read on to find out more..."

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News <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ufo1.com/ad/c.js"></script> Posted 19/12/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: PC Perspective

Imagine playing a computer game in the quality seen in the movies of the "Lord of the Rings"-series; absolute realistic lighting, details like in real life, believable skins and much more.

Ray Tracing

One technique that was used creating the images for those movies is called "ray tracing". This is an alternative rendering technology compared to what actual graphic cards on modern PCs and consoles do. For many years ray tracing has only been used for offline-rendering and the generation of pictures for movies often took many days to calculate. Real-time ray tracing has been made possible with the OpenRT Ray tracing library. Through using many PCs over an Ethernet network interactive frame rates could be rendered in high resolution. Now, four years later CPUs have progressed a lot and ray tracing works in small resolutions on a single PC in real-time.

So what is OpenRT?

OpenRT is a ray tracing library developed by the Computer Graphics Group of Saarland University. The syntax of the API is nearly identical to OpenGL.

Ray Tracing: How it works

Interested in some light reading on OpenRT, then head here for an explanation on how it works.

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Most Recent Comments

18-12-2006, 10:06:46

Okay, folks, something new and something... broke.

Went and bought the EVGA 680i mobo and hooked it up Sunday, seems very nice, but I'm going to need to find a guide on how to overclock that thing... damn BIOS are always different (despite it being made by the same company that made the ABIT BIOS, plenty the same but a lot different too.)

Put the 8800GTS in to start, but same old problems... after the WinXP setup gets done loading the F6 RAID drivers and says 'Windows is Starting Setup', it goes to black and locks the pc up.:mad: Same thing happened on the AW9D. My guess is something is wrong with the GPU since I can slap in the 7900GT's and all is well.

Going to RMA tomorrow (gotta register the mobo and video card tonight), hope the next video card works as advertised (8800GTS #2 for SLI mid January:D )


18-12-2006, 11:20:58

Ye deffo go for an RMA on that sucker: sounds wrong to me!

18-12-2006, 20:38:32

Good luck on ethe new build! You must be loaded! :worship:

Im sure you will have some fun with the system! :cool:

18-12-2006, 23:18:11

Not really, Tox... after the second GTS, a couple 74GB Raptors, and picking up Vista, that's it. Going to have to start letting it sit in the bank and build up, use the new hardware to play some games and maybe try something different to do with this rig. (I don't see any big changes coming for a year or so.)


19-12-2006, 08:11:37

i second the RMA the card option. i got that with a 6200 i bought, turned out to be a defect core:) hope it works fine when you get it back:cool:

19-12-2006, 14:41:42

It only gets better and better... (not.)

Last night I gave the 8800GTS one final go, and came up with the same prob-- stops before showing the black screen with Windows loading and the little blue dots going from left to right.

The second time I decided to switch connecters on the back of the card in the middle of starting up... AND I GOT THE LOGIN SCREEN! Going smooth until I loaded the video card drivers and then... black screen. Locked up. DAMN.

It wouldn't start up, so I tried switching the connecters again, and found out that I had to have the connecter OFF the video card in between the last BIOS load up and the Windows loading screen, otherwise it would lock up.
Time and again I would try to load the drivers for the GPU, but would always lock up in the middle of the install... so tried using two molex connecters for power, with/without the EZ plug for additional power... same thing. DAMN DAMN DAMN. ;\

So tonight is registration of my 8800GTS and 680i mobo, tomorrow is RMA of the 8800... thankfully my 7900GT's are still rockin'.


Little story... Bought an HP craptop once, plugged it in and noticed right away the mouse acted funny. Checked out some settings, and found the battery was also defective, with some funny comments:

battery power: bad
battery mngt: bad
battery charge: bad
battery this: bad bad bad
battery that: bad

I don't remember the settings exactly (as you can see), but I remember the comments... not kidding, 'bad bad bad'. Thought I might come across something like this last night when I looked at the GPU in the device manager.:rolleyes:

18-01-2007, 06:12:48

Hope u got ur problem solved.

18-01-2007, 17:07:28

Apparently the 8800GTS (and X's) have probs with large screen TV's/monitors. My 17" Samsung works just fine with it, but others like the Apple Cinema 23" display needed a BIOS update straight to the GPU... didn't work for me.

Oh, well... PC#2 will hook up to the big screen.


18-01-2007, 17:11:21

It worked on my Dell 2405FPW, but only through DVI and VGA

18-01-2007, 17:15:10


Apparently the 8800GTS (and X's) have probs with large screen TV's/monitors. My 17" Samsung works just fine with it, but others like the Apple Cinema 23" display needed a BIOS update straight to the GPU... didn't work for me.

Oh, well... PC#2 will hook up to the big screen.


That`s a bit of a bum-rap. What card has u`r 2nd pc got that works fine with it ?

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