Nvidia Counters AMD's Moves

"Nvidia plans a price cut and new card of their own."

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Nvidia Counters AMD's Moves

Lately, AMD has been on the move, giving word of price cuts and the coming of the HD 4890.  Now it's Nvidia's turn to react.  Word is that Nvidia is planning to give their GTX 260 a price cut from $199 down to $179.  In addition to this, they have a new card in the works to counter the HD 4890, dubbed the GTX 275.  While details are fairly sparse at the moment, we do know that Nvidia intends to have it go out on April 6th, the same release date as the HD 4890, with a price range of $229-$279.  Nvidia is confident that this card will compete well with, if not beat, AMD's upcoming offering.

How does this new bit of competitive movement in the GPU field suit you?

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05-03-2009, 14:47:34

Well since I have some cash to spend on the comp I was thinking of water cooling. I was looking to get a nice little water cooling kit, made from custom parts. Can anyone help me?

I want a nice kit to cool my Q6600 @ 3.8 or even higher if possible. Would someone help me with EVERY item they recommend.

My budget is £160, thank you.

P.S I have a Thermtaltake Res and Pump if needed, from this kit.

06-03-2009, 12:40:22

I'll be the first to say ditch anything with Thermaltake stamped on it then. :P

For £160 i'd go for something like this:

DDC Pro + XSPC/EK/Petra's top = £45-55
XSPC Delta V3 CPU Block = £35
A reservoir that suits your setup/case £10-30

Now radiator is a difficult one... I have a Kandalf aswell and I just dont see a BIG rad (like a ThermoChill PA120.3 or XSPC RX360) fitting in the floor.... and it certainly aint going in the roof with all the stuff thats up there already.

Your best bet would be a decent 240mm rad, either a ThermoChill PA120.2, XSPC RX240 or TFC X-Changer 240, all of which are around the £50-55 mark.

06-03-2009, 19:08:03

TFC blah over priced crappola

06-03-2009, 19:27:09

Why do you want to go to water? Your load is only 40c (can't be 100% load, surely?) If it is... 3.8GHz is EASILY doable on that cooler without a question!

07-03-2009, 05:31:58


Why do you want to go to water? Your load is only 40c (can't be 100% load, surely?) If it is... 3.8GHz is EASILY doable on that cooler without a question!

Just because it's something new mate, I just got sick of fans and stuff. The temp is around 40-42c 100% load, I don't know why so low but it is. Other programs report different temperatures, this is using Everest.

07-03-2009, 13:36:38


TFC blah over priced crappola

May be overpriced but at least they are available. (who knows when the world wide ThermoChill shortage will end) :P

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