Nvidia 8800GTX Pics You Want To See

"Nvidia 8800GTX Pics You Want To See"

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We just thought you guys had to see it. This card is apparently the first 8800GTX that has arrived in China, images are courtesy of pcinlife.com. Word is on the street that Victor Wang from XS owns the wee beasty.


G80 De-Mystified; GeForce 8800GTX
* Unified Shader Architecture
* Support FP16 HDR+MSAA
* Support GDDR4 memories
* Close to 700M transistors (G71 - 278M / G70 - 302M)
* New AA mode : VCAA
* Core clock scalable up to 1.5GHz
* Shader Peformance : 2x Pixel / 12x Vertex over G71
* 8 TCPs & 128 stream processors
* Much more efficient than traditional architecture
* 384-bit memory interface (256-bit+128-bit)
* 768MB memory size (512MB+256M
* Two models at launch : GeForce 8800GTX and GeForce 8800GT
* GeForce 8800GTX : 7 TCPs chip, 384-bit memory interface, hybrid water/fan cooler, water cooling for overclocking



8800GTX naked

You can find more images here

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Most Recent Comments

24-10-2006, 06:30:17

Just checked the EOC folding stats page and I'm starting to hit some 1000+ point days again. What happened Kempy, ur fallin' back dude? We need to dominate together!! ;)

Everyone get those rigs folding, I challenge you all to a duel!!!! :yumyum:


24-10-2006, 06:41:00

I had to dissasemble the spare C2D rig for a while but she should be up and running soon don't worry :)

24-10-2006, 06:52:06

Which puts me in 2nd place for the time being - points/24 hour average...I'm still getting sucky small WU's atm though :mad:

25-10-2006, 04:44:32

Nulla Pax
I havn't looked into how the scoring works but it seems awful slow.

I am still on my first WU ( if that is what you say :p ) and it says it wont be finished until November 3rd.
It is on frame 176 of 500 so am I to assume that the more frames the higher the score or is it 1 point per WU compleated.

Whatever, as long as is helping to some degree that's cool :D

25-10-2006, 05:58:43

They assign a number of points proportianal the the time it takes to complete.

25-10-2006, 13:47:44

lmao my laptop is kicking mucho arse. pc1 has given up the chase and pc2... well, it seems it need a sext-core processor with all the things running on it atm >.<

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